T. Lyn Zheng ’15, PMP, Alumna

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T. Lyn Zheng ’15, PMP, Alumna


For T. Lyn Zheng ’15, a scholarship offer letter made all the difference in her family steering her toward choosing Bloomfield College for her post-secondary education.

“I had good grades, and it was always my parent’s expectation that I would attend college. I didn’t really have Bloomfield on my radar, but that scholarship letter is where it all began,” said Zheng. “I came for a tour and had conversations with people on campus. Having attended a regional high school with a graduating class of 500, the campus size was pleasantly familiar—a place where I wouldn’t feel like a tiny fish lost at sea.”

With a Pell grant and scholarship in hand, and what Zheng describes as a directive from her parents, she accepted Bloomfield’s offer of admission and planned the move up north from Burlington County.

In her life experience, the Bloomfield campus was an unusual environment from a demographic point of view, reported Zheng. Yet, it would become one where the applied mathematics major would flourish academically and socially.

“It was a bit of a culture shock at first,” she said. “Most of my life, I was the only Black kid in any given space. Because my high school was not very diverse and I lived in a predominately white neighborhood, I had never been in places where a lot of Black people were together. The diversity of people and activity on the Bloomfield College campus was such a strength, and I began to get involved in as much as my time allowed.”

Zheng was awarded membership into the Alpha Chi Honors Society, served in the position of IT Coordinator helping to market and establish Sigma Alpha Pi on campus, and managed budgets and distributed funds for all student organizations and clubs in her role as Financial Advisor and Bloomfield College Student Government Treasurer. Zheng was not only in charge of clubs but was also a member of the Team Infinite Club. She also held several jobs including working as a private tutor off campus; a tutor for the CITEL, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and the Academic Affairs departments; a Student Ambassador for the Admission department, an International Student Services Program Intern; and a Residential Advisor for three years, contributing to the recruitment, development and supervision of residential student staff.

In serving as an International Student Services Program Intern, Zheng presented workshops, served as a tutor and provided individual guidance to international students regarding United States culture, customs and verbal expressions to acclimate them to life on and off campus. She created and published bi-monthly Bloomfield International newsletters that helped increase cultural awareness and sensitivity within the College community.

“Bloomfield College has had a significant impact on my life and it has shown in all the different spaces I have lived in,” said Zheng. “The College supported me through good times and difficult times, and has always been a comforting and safe space to return to. After graduation, I was offered a job in International Student Services. During this time, I was invited to share with other students what I have learned about safe relationships.”

In 2017, the Bloomfield College honor student earned her M.S. in Financial Statistics and Risk Management from Rutgers University. She would soon begin a strong career in the financial industry, serving as Quality Assurance Analyst at Cenlar FSB, followed by IT Project Manager Consultant with FDM Group, and ultimately joined Bloomberg LP, becoming one of the youngest Certified Project Managers at the firm. While at Bloomberg, she held positions as an Economics Specialist, Senior Data Analyst and Economic Statistician. Today, Zheng works as a full-time Productivity Streamer on Twitch and stationery business owner.

Zheng has continued to stay connected with her alma mater and bring her knowledge back to share with students. While at Bloomberg, she welcomed Bloomfield students to tour the facility and learn more about the work of the company. She has also returned to campus to serve on panels to offer career advice to business, mathematics, and finance students.

“I remember I was the only math major on the business panel and was able to be a voice that helps math majors see what is possible,” she said. “I strive to offer resources and speak on my experiences to better help others unlock their full potential. This is why I founded the Queen Panda company and have made its services accessible to all, including students.”

As an insightful entrepreneur and sole proprietor of Queen Panda, Zheng assists individuals with sorting their past, organizing their present and planning their future. Through her company, Zheng says she helps people achieve sustainability, mindfulness and positivity through effective tools such as educational articles, supportive live streams and affordable luxury goods and stationery.

“I wanted to create a company that would serve as a gamechanger for people who are trying their best, but don’t have the means financially or the right access to information,” she said. 

By offering free daily live streams of a lofi girl style study room, Zheng provides a study support guide designed to calm the viewer/listener. In this dear-to-her-heart professional space, she shares her extensive knowledge of finance, economics and project management to help others plan their lives.

“BC has a big place in my heart for a lot of things I have become,” said Zheng. “I go back quite often for major events and meetings, and am always happy to give my time to such a special place that has the opportunity to provide so much for its students.” 

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