Ethan S. Garcia ’25, Student

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Ethan S. Garcia ’25, Student


For Ethan S. Garcia ’25, starting out at Bloomfield College as a self-described ‘quiet and shy person’ did not hold him back from becoming involved on campus, making friends and seeking leadership positions—even while only a first-year student.

Although he lived in Bloomfield Township since birth, Garcia was not well informed about Bloomfield College while in high school but that was soon to change during his senior year. Pandemic protocols forced Garcia to attend his last year in high school in a virtual format, and college fairs were being conducted in a similar fashion. He attended the Bloomfield College virtual session organized by his school, and interacted a great deal with Julia DelBagno who then worked in the Office of Admission.

“Though I was meeting Bloomfield staff virtually, I could feel their kindness. I knew I wanted to attend a school with a sense of community, and this is exactly what came across. My interest in Bloomfield piqued, and I attended two additional virtual events. I quickly knew this campus was a great choice for me,” said Garcia, who wanted a college experience close to home.

Before he even stepped foot on campus, Garcia had already made an impression on the Bloomfield College admission team. “After I accepted the offer of admission and paid my deposit, I was asked to be a Storyteller. I had never seen myself as a ‘people person’ and was nervous about stepping outside my comfort zone,” he said. “I am so grateful to have said yes because this position at the College has helped me develop my social skills. I know that a lot of the growth I am experiencing at Bloomfield is due to this welcoming community I get to interact with every day.”

When Garcia was searching for a second on-campus job, he was referred to work with the College’s Center for Student Leadership and Engagement (CSLE). “With CSLE, I work as a building manager in charge of games for the game rooms. I am responsible for signing out game equipment such as board games, video games, ping pong paddles and pool ques, and ensuring everything is returned in working order,” he said.

As a standout student, Garcia was also hired this fall to serve as a Resident Assistant (RA). “Since the semester just started, I am shadowing experienced RAs to learn the residential life processes, and am contributing to planning programs for the residents. As I work on my shyness, I anticipate this position will further enhance my leadership skills,” said Garcia. “I have always struggled with public speaking, and between my classroom experiences and my work experiences on campus, I am getting a lot of practice and becoming a better and more comfortable presenter and speaker.”

Garcia has both left brain and right brain interests. The music technology and business management double major has had a passion for music most of his life, starting with piano classes in the 5th grade. In sophomore year of high school, he joined three bands—playing the piano in a jazz band and the bass drum in a concert band and a marching band.

“I want to become a better musician and to learn what it takes to be a good manager. I hope to become an audio engineer who works on various types of productions such as movies and shows and can serve as the sound guy at live performances,” he said. “My backup would be to work in corporate, maybe in a retail store and work up to being a manager.”

Also this fall, Garcia became the first sophomore to be promoted by the Office of Admission to serve as an Executive Storyteller, a sure signal that he is someone special and is on his way to reaching his academic and personal goals while in college. As an Executive Storyteller, Garcia has the opportunity to gain a bit of management experience, as he is no longer giving Office of Admission campus tours, but instead is in charge of scheduling his peer Storytellers in the shifts that cover the office and provide campus tours.

“My college experience at Bloomfield has been life changing so far, and I know there is still so much more to come. I am surrounded by kind people and I am inspired to do the same for others. I look forward to continuing to grow as a person and as a professional over the next three years while I am still a student,” said Garcia who has been featured on the cover of the College’s latest viewbook, alumni magazine, the Instagram page highlighting Hispanic Heritage Month, and in the President’s 2021 Holiday Video.

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