Constantina Meis ’07

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Constantina Meis ’07 epitomizes how a first-generation commuting Bloomfield College student can have an extraordinarily engaging campus life. During her educational years at Bloomfield, Meis served as a Student Ambassador, co-founded the Student Volunteer Center as part of the Career Center, and contributed to student life events such as March Madness planning among numerous other roles. Yet, her most inspiring accomplishment was serving as Student Government President for two terms, the first female student ever elected twice to this important student leadership role following a historic student voter turnout for the election.

“When I visited Bloomfield College, I felt like I belonged there, like I was supposed to be there. My experience at Bloomfield transformed me to pick my major in public administration and political science and helped me discover my faith, my purpose, who I was and who I wanted to become more of,” said Meis. “I had a spiritual awakening towards the end of my sophomore year, finding it honorable to serve in a public capacity. It was exciting to have challenges, such as competitive elections, and I gained a passion for fighting for those who need support. I learned how government engages with citizens and about making tough decisions, and I felt that advocacy was my calling.”

Meis has been fulfilling her calling ever since, advocating for social justice issues and for those who cannot fight for themselves. Having been involved in local, gubernatorial and presidential races, Meis has served as District Director with Senator Bob Gordon supporting the community she grew up in and worked nationally through Young Democrats of America with several leadership initiatives and training programs including “Rising Stars” which gave women and people with disabilities and others impacted by social, racial or economic disparities the tools to become more engaged in community organizing and politics. She has also served as Coordinator with the American Conference of Diversity, Youth Development Specialist with Boys & Girls Club of Newark, Campaign Manager for Passaic County Democratic Committee and Hudson County Director for Menendez for Senate.

Currently, she serves as the Community Relations Manager for the non-profit New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP) where her work allows her to continue engaging and supporting local communities throughout New Jersey. NJMEP is focused on helping manufacturers in the state become more competitive. However, close collaboration with local government is a vital part of this mission. In her role, Meis serves as an advocate that develops partnerships and cultivates relationships between the local community, local manufacturers, and local/federal government entities. She plays an instrumental role in ensuring the NJ legislature continues to support NJMEP, local workforce development incentives and the manufacturing industry as a whole.

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