Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions

Financial Eligibility Information

Are you ready to catch up and get ahead this summer?

You can do so ... and get two classes for the price of one!

At Bloomfield College, students have four different Summer Sessions to choose from.

Whether you are looking for an intensive three-week course, a traditional seven-week summer course, or an extended14-week course, we've got you covered.

Open to current Bloomfield College students and alumni, students from other institutions, rising high school seniors, and members of the community, our summer sessions provide high-level academic courses at a discounted tuition.

Student's enrolled in summer courses can utilize payment plans.

Current students can can apply for the Payment Plan with the Office of Student Financial Services or apply online for either a Federal Parent PLUS loan or Student Alternative Loan. To be eligible to borrow Parent PLUS Loans, the student must be enrolled at least half-time over the 14-week period.

Are you Pell Eligible? Current Bloomfield College students can use their Pell for summer courses.

Complete course details are available at our online course catalog. Contact the Office of Advising/Coaching at 973-748-9000 ext. 1759 or if you have any questions.

You can also get a look at the courses available for each session below. Just click on the down arrow to see the options.

Visiting and Adult Students

Are you back in the Bloomfield area this summer? Why not keep your academic momentum going and take classes at Bloomfield College!

We will work with you to make sure you can receive college credit at your home institution.

Before you can register, please fill out our non-degree application. Once you have been accepted as a non-matriculating student, you will be able to register for summer courses.

Rising Seniors (juniors who will be seniors in the fall): You can take classes too. Two courses at the price of one does not apply for rising seniors, as courses are already offered at a discount. Find out how here.

Summer Sessions and Course Offerings

May Term (4 weeks - I5) May 16 – June 8

Summer Session I (7 weeks - S5) May 16- July 5

PSY 230
Also Known As: SOC 230

(Also SOC 230) Human behavior as the interaction of individual and social processes. Recent research on topics such as interpersonal attraction, perception, and small group behavior; analysis of events and environments of current interest.

1.00 c.u.
Prerequisites: SOC 100 Introduction To Sociology , PSY 100 Introduction To Psychology
Problem Solving/Critical Thinking
PSY 231

An introductory survey of the following topics covering a diverse range of species: Sensory/perceptual abilities, communication, learning, mating behavior, parental behavior, kin selection, organization of animal societies, and interactions between species. Laboratory exercises and class demonstrations will be included.

1.00 c.u.
Prerequisites: PSY 100 Introduction To Psychology
Or any 100 or 200 level Biology course.
PSY 450

Students will participate in the entire research process including hypotheses development, literature review, data collection and analysis, and communicating the results to others. The class will also discuss several contemporary and classic articles in psychology to further their knowledge of the field and their ability to critique research.

1.00 c.u.
Prerequisites: PSY 310 Research Methods I
With a grade of C or better and permission of the Instructor.
REL 208

The history of religion in the United States from the colonial period to the present day. Topics will include: the religious situation in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries; immigration patterns of the colonists; frontier expansion and the industrial revolution; the growth of denominationalism; religion and science; liberal and conservative ends; civil religion; "cults'' and other contemporary issues.

1.00 c.u.
Prerequisites: WRT 108 Enhanced Synthesis and Research Writing , WRT 109 Synthesis and Research Writing
With a final grade of C- or better
Transcultural & Global Awareness
SOC 213
Also Known As: WMS 213

(Also WMS 213) This course examines the effects of gender, race and class on women’s employment opportunities and labor force participation rates. Topics may include: access to education and training, women in the military, professional women, women and poverty, prostitution and sex work, occupational health and safety, sexual harassment on the job, maternity leave, factory work, immigrant women, unemployment, unionization, and the changing structure of work and occupations throughout the world.

1.00 c.u.
Prerequisites: SOC 100 Introduction To Sociology , SOC 215 Statistics For Sociologists
With a grade of C or better.
SOC 230
Also Known As: PSY 230

(Also PSY 230) Human behavior as the interaction of individual and social processes. Recent research on topics such as interpersonal attraction, perception, and small group behavior; analysis of events and environments of current interest.

1.00 c.u.
Prerequisites: PSY 100 Introduction To Psychology , SOC 100 Introduction To Sociology
Problem Solving/Critical Thinking
WRT 105

This course is designed for students in need of enhanced instruction in college-level writing. It teaches writing as a process by requiring a number of written drafts per essay. The focus is on developing students’ college-level competence in argumentative, thesis-based writing. Many classes are held in the computer lab to enable intensive writing instruction, and some out-of-class tutoring may be assigned.

1.50 c.u.
Students must receive a grade of C- or better to advance to WRT 109.
WRT 109

Formerly WRT 107. This course continues to develop students’ competency in thesis-based writing with an emphasis on information literacy and the writing process. The course introduces students to the college-level research process and teaches them to synthesize source material into a variety of written genres. Some classes are held in the writing/computer labs, and some out-ofclass tutoring my be assigned. Required of all students.

1.00 c.u.
Prerequisites: WRT 105 Argumentative and Analytic Writing , WRT 106 Accelerated Argumentative and Analytic Writing
Successful completion of this course requires a grade of C- or better and passing the WRT 109 Exit Exam. Prerequisite: WRT 105A or WRT 106A with a grade of C- or better.

Summer Session II (7 weeks - S7) July 7 - August 25

Summer Trimester (14 weeks - SU) May 16 - August 24

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