International Student Testimonials

Jerome Bland `17

Country: England
Major: Business
Year: Freshman

The soccer team is the reason I choose Bloomfield. Also, the college is near to New York City which is very convenient. I am someone who enjoys traveling and seeing new places. When I have the chance to study and live in the U.S., I am very excited.

This is my first semester at Bloomfield.

- I have had a great experience here.

- Classes are manageable.

- I have made many good friends.

One of the biggest achievements is that I and my soccer team won the 2015 Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC) Championship. I suggest international students coming to Bloomfield should have an open mind to new people and experiences so that you can enjoy and explore, as the culture and lifestyle are so different from those of your home country.

Hungu Do `17

Country: South Korea
Major: Biology and Chemistry/Biochemistry 
Year: Senior

I chose Bloomfield because of its small-sized classes. Bloomfield College has great staff members and the quality of education is exceptional.

America is a land of opportunities, a country that has more options career-wise for students. Bloomfield College is a community where you can network with amazing people from all over walks of life.

The faculty, staff, and even students are like family here. My favorite part about BC is that here at Bloomfield College, there are no strangers. We're all connected by this special bond. My suggestion for the new international students is to not worry about adapting to a new country. Sometimes, we need to step out of our comfort zone. Here at BC, you'll never be alone.

Vadim Kustov `17

Country: Russia
Major: Business
Year: Junior

I chose Bloomfield College because they have good tennis program and the school is very close to the New York City. Studying in the US gives me a great opportunity to understand American culture.

My favorite part of being in Bloomfield College is that everybody knows you. Wherever you go on campus, you always meet people you know. It feels like Bloomfield is a big family.

I would definitely recommend students overseas to study in the US. It is a very diverse country, where you feel there is always something new to learn.

Jovan Stanojkovic `17

Country: Serbia
Major: Business
Year: Freshman

I chose Bloomfield because it's close to NYC and once I graduate, I'll have many opportunities to find a job within my major.

I decided to study in the US because of the possibility of studying and playing sports at the same time, which is not possible in my country.

Bloomfield is a small college, and everybody knows each other. We all stay together both inside and outside the college and that's what I like the most. I'm part of the soccer team and we are like a family on the field, on and off campus.

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