Undergraduate Admission Process for Adult Applicants

Undergraduate Admission Process for Adult Applicants

Adult Students bring with them life and career experience; they offer a voice unrepresented by any other student population. It makes them critically important to the community, the classroom, and to their fellow students. It is never too late to make a life change and we, here at Bloomfield College, are overjoyed to be a part of this step.

An Adult Student is one that is 25 years of age or above at the start of their first term.  This includes first-time freshmen that have acquired a high school diploma or GED. Adult students who have previously attended college are considered transfer applicants and should follow the admission procedure at Admission Process - Transfer Student.

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Adult students who are planning to attend college for the first time must submit/schedule the following with the Office of Admission:

  • An application for admission, accompanied by an application fee of $65, payable to Bloomfield College.
  • An official transcript of the high school record, to be mailed directly to the College by the high school, or a copy of the high school, or a copy of the high school equivalency diploma (GED) certificate

Applicants should feel free to address questions to the Office of  Admission at any time (email: admission@bloomfield.edu). All candidates are encouraged to visit the College for a personal interview and tour of the campus.

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