In Social and Behavioral Studies, you’ll develop expertise in governmental, cultural and social issues.

Students have experienced events with New Jersey governors and other leading politicians. Our program also has a great relationship with local agencies regarding internships.

Social and Behavioral Science Facts

Faculty have written books
on their sociological studies.

Political experts have visited
campus to share their stories
with Bloomfield College students.

You'll leave the program
equipped to better understand
others and the surrounding world.


“As a student, you’ll gain the skills and motivation to better understand yourself and others. Through this understanding, you’ll effectively analyze everyday problems, make better decisions and ultimately teach others to do the same.” – Dr. Peter Kardos, Bloomfield Psychology Faculty
"If you want to be encouraged, and if you value engaged learning, this is the right place for you.”
— Dr. Esmail Najmi, Bloomfield Sociology Faculty