Graphic Design

Get Graphic Design Major and college bachelors degree information


When you study graphic design, you’ll get the business knowledge and hands-on creative experience you need to excel in any number of fields: advertising, marketing, magazine and book publishing, merchandising, web design, or printing and packaging.

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What you’ll study:

Design, graphics, advertising, typography, computer imaging

What you can do:

Become a graphic designer, a marketing professional or an art director

Get Graphic Design Major and college bachelors degree information

Students have interned at:

  • Categrafica, Bloomfield's student-run design business
Get Graphic Design Major and college bachelors degree information

Fast Facts

  • Classes are coached by industry professionals, who teach graphic design standards and portfolio development.
  • Our student-run design business, Categrafica offers practical, hand-on experience.
  • Graphic designers have a range of career opportunities.
Get Graphic Design Major and college bachelors degree information

You could be …

A graphic designer: MMedian pay $47,640 per year. Graphic designers create visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for various applications, such as advertisements, brochures, magazines and corporate reports.

An art director: Median pay $89,820 per year. Art directors create the overall design of a project and direct others who develop artwork and layouts.

A marketing manager: Median pay $127,560 per year. Marketing managers plan programs to generate interest and sales in products or services. They work with art directors, sales agent and financial staff.

An industrial designer: Median pay $55,736 per year. Industrial designers design products and develop concepts for products that are manufactured at factories, such as home appliances, furniture, automobiles, electronics and toys.

A commercial designer: Median pay $50,974 per year. Commercial designers are responsible for the look and feel of a product, ranging from the design of the product to the packaging to advertisements and other promotional materials.

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Graphic design students

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Phone: 973-748-9000, ext. 1707
Office: Center for Technology + Creativity, Room 111
“Design is the intermediary between information and understanding.”
– Hans Hoffman, teacher and painter
“An important part of college is community, and it seems that each Bloomfield class is composed of great community-builders. Collaboration is important in the creative arts and media, and Bloomfield students are generous collaborators.” – Peter Gordon, Bloomfield CAT faculty
“Design is thinking made visual.” – Saul Bass, graphic designer and filmmaker
“I enjoy the interdisciplinary approach to learning, teaching and creating art that is CAT. Our campus, in particular, offers what I see as an ideal combination: the close-knit atmosphere of an intimate hub of critical art making, within reach of the broader resources of New York City.” – Laura Nova, Bloomfield CAT faculty