Expanded Media

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When you study expanded media, you’ll bring photos, videos and other media together to create engaging art that can be displayed in venues from the web to the big screen. You’ll have skills in creative writing and computer imaging, and everything in between. You’ll be well-rounded and ready for a great creative career.

Please review the recommended sequence of courses.

What you’ll study:

Photography, video, screenwriting, animation, web design, interactive installation

What you can do:

Become an animator, a photographer, a film director or a visual effects artist

Get Expanded Media Major and college bachelors degree information

Fast Facts

  • Bloomfield College alumni have gone on to win filmmaking awards, such as Alan Broussard '17 in the Pocono Mountain Film Festival.
  • Expanded media explores the relationship between time, space, the body, the viewer and society at large.
  • The college's 360-Degree Virtual Tour was created by an alumnus who owns his own business. He was helped by two Bloomfield College students.
  • The program includes narrative and non-narrative filmmaking; experimental, documentary and interactive video; art installation; public and conceptual art; and web-based art.

Get Expanded Media Major and college bachelors degree information

You could be …

A movie/TV director: Median pay $70,950 per year. Directors create motion pictures or TV shows by interpreting a writer’s script to entertain or inform an audience.

A sculptor: Median pay $48,120 per year. Sculptors create three-dimensional objects through a variety of techniques, including carving, shaping clay, whittling or chiseling. They often work for themselves but also can accept projects for individuals, organizations or governments.

An art director: Median pay $89,820 per year. Art directors create the overall design of a project and direct others who develop artwork and layouts.

A photographer: Median pay $34,070 per year. Photographers use their technical expertise, creativity and composition skills to produce and preserve images that tell a story or record an event.

A visual merchandiser: Median pay $65,000 per year. Visual merchandisers use their design skills to help promote the image of products and services for businesses through mediums like window and in-store displays.

(Source: bls.gov and payscale.com)

Get Expanded Media Major and college bachelors degree information

Contact Information

Laura Nova
Laura Nova
Associate Professor
Phone: 973-748-9000 ext. 1506
Office: Center for Technology and Creativity, Room 110

Laura Nova, M.F.A.

Laura Nova generates site-specific action-oriented projects which invite participatory energies of neighbors and strangers alike, particularly within the urban landscapes of older adult and migrant communities. Recent commissions have included multi-year social engagement projects such as “Silver Sirens,” an older adult cheerleading squad championing healthcare, gender equity, and anti-ageism; “Moving Stories,” a senior citizen-led, storytelling-walking tour which revealed personal and geographic narratives, while exercising and expanding communal connection; and “The Crescendo Project” which used RFID technology to create an automated praise-singing machine for disabled athletes during a New York Road Runner race. In tandem with Dances For A Variable Population, Nova transformed residents and dancers alike into a moving company for the “LES Citizens Parade.” Nova has shown her work at national and international venues, including the New Museum’s IdeasCity Festival, the River To River Festival, the Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Real Art Ways, Substation Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa and the National Arts Center in Tokyo, Japan. Laura Nova is the 2019 New York City Cultural Affairs Public Artist in Residence with the Department for the Aging, working on the radio drama “Hear, here!” celebrating the dignity of older New Yorkers.

She received her B.F.A. and B.A. in art and history from Cornell University and M.F.A. from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago as a Jacob Javits Fellow. She lived and worked in London as a Rotary International Scholar and completed Associate Research at Goldsmiths College. Nova is an Associate Professor in the Creative Art and Technology program and the coordinator of Expanded Media at Bloomfield College in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

Activities done with students:

“In Practice” visit with artists, designers, musicians, game makers, animators and filmmakers in their professional working studios. Network with the professionals who work for various creative industries and arts institutions. Artist workshops with LoVid, Saya Woolfalk, Karina Aguilera Skvirsky and Liselot Van der Heigden. Studio Visits with Kenseth Armstead Jillian McDonald, Sanford Biggers, LoVid, Dannielle Tegeder, Pablo Helguera, Liselot Van der Heigden.

Subject(s): Expanded Media
Joanne Christiansen
Joanne Christiansen
Division Coordinator
Phone: 973-748-9000 ext. 1507
Office: Center for Technology and Creativity, Room

Bio Forthcoming

Subject(s): Animation, Expanded Media, Game Design, Game Programming, Graphic Design, Interactive Multimedia & Worldwide Web, Music Technology

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