Studying business will prepare you for competitive, in-demand careers.

Bloomfield College Business programs have led alumni to high-level jobs at major corporations. Students are able to experience special networking events on campus, and many have gone on to operate their own businesses.

Business Facts:

Bloomfield College alumni
hold impressive positions
with companies like
Verizon and ADP

The vast majority of
Computer Science and
Network Engineering majors
are employed at commencement

Bloomfield College Division of Business includes a Fulbright Scholar and is chaired by a former business executive


“Each one of the faculty have real-world experience. The Business Division faculty have all enjoyed successful careers in a variety of leading companies in the New York metro area. They do not teach from the book but use their expertise to present students with insights and knowledge to build an enriched learning experience." – Steven Kreutzer, Bloomfield Business Chairperson
“College is what you put into it, and at Bloomfield College we give the students the tools to succeed.”
– Anita Pasmantier, Bloomfield Business faculty
“Small school, small classes = individual attention.”
– Anita Pasmantier, Bloomfield Business faculty