PBI Formula Grant Programs

PBI Formula Grant

In September 2021, Bloomfield College received additional grant funding through the PBI Formula Grant Program. The College was awarded a total of $1.25 million over five years. This funding focuses on providing programs to enhance the institution's capacity to serve more low-and middle-income African-American students and enable the College to support the increased academic needs of our students.

We are thrilled to offer our students the following programs and services
  • A campus-wide mentoring program

  • Financial literacy workshops

  • Additional first-year student support

  • Enhanced external communications to promote Bloomfield College courses and programs


PBI Formula Grant Staff

Marissa McYeng, M.A.
PBI Formula Grant Director
(973) 748-9000 ext. 1438

Briar Gibbons
Collegiate Transition Specialist
(973) 748-9000 ext. 1251

Tikida Adams
Mentoring Program Coordinator
(973) 748-9000 ext. 1450



If you have questions or would like additional information about the PBI Formula Grants or its programs, please contact Marissa McYeng, PBI F Grant Director, at marissa_mcyeng@bloomfield.edu or (973) 748-9000 Ext. 1438.

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