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Severe Weather at Outdoor Public Events

Many public events at Bloomfield College are held outdoors such as on the Quad, behind the Student Center, and outside of residence halls. Some events such as at Orientation or Commencement involve large groups of people in outdoor areas at the College. These large groups may use temporary outdoor facilities provided by the College such as an erected tent or raised staging.

The safety and security of all individuals are the primary concerns of the Office of Security during an outdoor public event. Security monitors weather conditions during outdoor public events on the Bloomfield College campus. If severe weather conditions occur such as high winds, microburst, unexpected thunder and lightning storms, hail, flooding, fire, etc., the Office of Security in consultation with the Bloomfield Township Police, will provide immediate evacuation directions.

Please follow these guidelines during severe weather at outdoor public events:
• Listen and follow the immediate directions of Security, Police, and/or authorized emergency personnel.
• Remain calm and encourage other individuals to remain calm and to cooperate with emergency personnel.
• Move quickly and orderly to the sheltering location that Security directs you towards.
• Do not delay by attempting to retrieve personal items or College property.
• Help others who may require your assistance such as those who are injured, disabled, or disoriented.

Seek Immediate Shelter During a Severe Storm:
• Seek immediate shelter within a permanent structure such as a building. Do not take cover under a tent.
• Move towards the center of a room and stay away from windows and doors.
• Fully enclosed vehicles can be used for shelter except in cases of a hurricane or tornado.
• Do not seek shelter near metal objects (flag poles, fences, gates), near wooden objects (trees, concession stands, bus stops shelters), or near electrical/electronic equipment and power lines.

Avoid Open Areas During a Lightning Storm:
• If you hear thunder, then lightning is high probability.
• If you are unable to reach cover before the lighting storm arrives, do not stand in the middle of an open field during a lightning storm.
• If you are on a stage or elevated area, get off the platform immediately.
• If you are unable to find immediate shelter, crouch down into a ball position and as low as possible.
• Cover your head with your forearms and avoid being the tallest object in the open area.
• Do not lie flat on the ground (the ground can conduct electricity).
• Avoid bunching together into large groups.
• Assist children and shield them from the weather.
• Do not use a telephone (including a cell phone) or handheld radio since these items attract electricity

Wait for the All Clear Signal:
• The Office of Security, the Police, Fire Department, and/or authorize emergency personnel will provide an “All Clear” signal when the danger from the severe storm or excessive weather has passed.
• Do not assume that the situation is safe until you receive an “All Clear” signal from authorized emergency personnel.


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