Court Reporting

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Bloomfield College offers two stackable certificate programs in court reporting. Bloomfield is proud to offer the only fully online court reporting education in New Jersey.

Certificate One (four consecutive semesters including a summer) prepares students for careers in scoping work.

Certificate Two (six consecutive semesters including two summers) prepares students for judicial court reporting and captioning.

Court reporters convert spoken word into standard, readable English language copy that can be searched and archived. Successful students find lucrative, high-demand employment. Students learn to capture dialogue cryptically with “machine shorthand." For this, a small electronic machine with specialized keyboard interfaces, via software, with a standard computer/laptop.

Free introductory court reporting educational experiences are available from these non-Bloomfield organizations. One of the following must be completed as admission prerequisite for the Bloomfield certificate programs:

What you’ll study:

Stenography for closed captioning, transcriptioning, and judicial court reporting.

What you can do

Official court reporting, freelance reporting, broadcast captioning, medical transcriptions.

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Fast Facts

  • The National Court Reporters Association cites 5,500 job vacancies due to a lack of qualified applicants and an aging workforce (2018).
  • More than 60% of people working as court reporters and captioners are making at least $60,000 annually, with salaries expected to increase by 14% through 2020.
  • Annual mean wage for court reporters in the New York-New Jersey area: $87,270
  • Working part-time as a court reporter is common and easily attainable if you are looking for a balance between your professional and personal life
  • As the population ages, additional demand for captioning is likely to appear in community venues, medical settings, and in other arenas
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You could be …

A court reporter: Median pay $87,270 per year. Court reporters transcribe judicial proceedings.

An event transcriber: Part-time work that could double your annual income.

(Source: U.S. Department of Labor)

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