Study Abroad FAQs

Is there an application?
Yes. The first step is to come to the Registrar's Office to  discuss your plans. You will fill out the Bloomfield College Study Abroad Pre-Application. The pre-application asks for your contact info, GPA, major,  and the names of countries where you are interested in studying.  Since there is significant preparation involved, students are advised to submit an application at least one to two semesters ahead.

What GPA do I need to apply for Study Abroad?
Bloomfield College belongs to CCIS, the College Consortium for International Studies and AIFS, American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS).  Most programs require a minimum of a  2.5 cumulative GPA,  but some programs require a 3.0. All students who apply must be at least a sophomore (completed at least 26 credits). You can consult the CCIS and AIFS website for info on specific programs:

Do I need a passport?
Yes, you need a current, valid passport from the United States or Residency Status.  Please see link of how to apply for US passport.

Do I get college credit for semester programs?
You will receive course credits for all courses you take while studying abroad. Your study abroad course grades (A to F) will count in your  Bloomfield College G.P.A. Therefore, it is very important to study hard when you are abroad. Courses taken abroad can count towards your General Education requirements and major requirements depending on approval by the department chairperson. Please see your study abroad advisor as soon as possible to determine whether and how your chosen study abroad program will fit into your academic requirements. 

You are required to be a full time student when you study abroad for a semester. You should be aware that in many countries each course is 3 credits, not 4 credits. Therefore, you must register for 4-5 courses in the study abroad institution to be full time (minimum of 12 credits).

Is financial aid available?
If you receive federal, state, and college grants and loans, you can apply this financial aid towards the costs of studying abroad. In addition, international scholarships such as the Clarence Fuller Endowed Scholarship, Maureen Grant Endowed Scholarship, and the Rosemary and Alfred Iversen Study Abroad Scholarship, can be found in the college catalog.  Application information can be found thorough the Bloomfield College Bursar.

What about medical coverage?
Health insurance coverage is available through CCIS and AIFS.  Please contact each program liaison for additional information.

Will I need a medical exam and waiver?
Yes, you will need to provide evidence that you are healthy enough for the travel and activities for your program.

Who do I contact for more information and application materials?

The Office of Advising/Registration, located at 229 Liberty Street or at 973-748-9000 x1759.


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