Honors Curriculum and Co-Curriculum

Curriculum and Co-curriculum

The Bloomfield College Honors Program includes both academic (curricular) and co-curricular components. Students in the Honors Program are expected to show regular progress toward meeting the Honors Program curriculum requirements to remain members in good standing. Nearly all of the coursework can be accomplished through your major and General Education requirements. Only the Honors Seminar is additional.

The Curriculum

Four Honors Courses: At least four courses must be taken for honors credit to fulfill the Honors Program curriculum requirements. You may accomplish this by registering for a course listed on the Course Schedule with an “H,” such as CAT 203H.

Since a limited number of honors courses are offered each semester, you may also fulfill the honors course requirement by arranging to do honors-level work in any of your regular classes, with agreement of the instructor and Honors Program Director. You may also arrange to do an independent study for honors credit, also with agreement of the instructor and Honors Program Director. Both of these arrangements are known as doing an “honors option” in a course.

For honors options you must submit a completed Honors Option Contract to receive honors credit and for the course to be indicated as “honors” on your transcript.

One Honors Seminar (HON 499/HON 498): At least one honors seminar must be taken to fulfill the Honors Program curriculum requirements. The Honors Seminar courses are labeled HON 498 (0.5 cus) and HON 499 (1.0 cus) and are listed on the Course Schedule when offered. You may take either HON 498 or HON 499 to fulfill this requirement. Honors seminars are typically offered each semester.

Honors Capstone Project: To fulfill the Honors Program curriculum requirements, each student must do an honors capstone project. Honors capstone projects can take on many forms but all honors capstones must incorporate a multicultural /interdisciplinary component. The capstone project does not have to be attached to a course labeled “capstone” or to any course at all. The capstone may be a research project, creative production, internship-related, or a written thesis, among other possibilities.

Capstone:  If your major requires a capstone, you will not have to do an additional capstone, but may have to add a multicultural/interdisciplinary component depending upon the nature of your capstone.  If your major does not require a capstone, then you will have to design a capstone project. If this is the case, speak with the Honors Program Director.

With the exception of the honors seminar, it is possible to complete the HP curriculum requirements within your graduation requirements if you do honors options or take general education honors courses.

The Co-curriculum

The college honors experience is not just about scholarship. The co-curriculum is an integral part of the Honors Program and affords member students opportunities to develop as a cohort, have fun, and serve the College and community. Co-Curricular activities include participation in national and regional conferences, speaker series, movie matinees, fundraisers, and service activities such as visiting with residents of the Park Manor Nursing Home. There also are regular meetings of the Honors Program and other College events at which honors students are expected to be present. Students who are interested in having a role in policy-making may serve on the Honors Council, the advisory group composed of faculty, students, and the Honors Program Director.

The co-curriculum is enhanced by our partnerships with honors organizations and societies.

Bloomfield College is a member of:

  •   The National Collegiate Honors Council
  •   The Northeast Regional Honors Council

and has local chapters of the following national and international honor societies:

  •    Alpha Chi National College Honor Society (New Jersey Beta, Chapter 223)—for juniors and seniors
        in all majors
  •    Chi Alpha Sigma for Scholar Athletes (Pi Chapter)
  •    Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business (Zeta Sigma Chapter)
  •    Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education (Alpha Beta Eta Chapter)
  •    Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology (Chapter 585)
  •    Sigma Theta Tau in Nursing (Partner of Iota Alpha Chapter of WPU)