Teaching with Technology

The following are brief descriptions of technologies that are available at the College and supported by the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology (CTLT x1790) and IT (x1224). If you are interested in any of the technologies listed below for your classes or have questions, please contact Yifeng Bai, Director of CTLT.  

  1. Clickers
  2. Articulate Studio Software
  3. Digication –ePortfolio
  4. SMART Board

1. Clickers

Clickers are an interactive technology that enables instructors to pose questions to students and immediately collect and view the responses of the entire class. This is how clickers work:

  1. Instructors create questions with Add-on Clicker software in PowerPoint and present multiple-choice questions in class
  2. Students respond to the questions by clicking in their answers using clickers
  3. The system instantly collects and tabulates the results, which instructors can view, save, and (if they wish) display anonymously for the entire class to see.

Contact Yifeng Bai to find out how you can integrate Clickers in your classes.

2. Articulate Studio Software

Articulate Studio is a suite of software tools that allows you to take PowerPoint presentations and convert them to flash and add in some interactive modules. This tool is only available for use in the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology.

Articulate Capabilities:

  • Transfer and digitize video from any video media (with permissions) for instructional purposes
  • Produce instructional videos for Web delivery or classroom playback
  • Create online or offline interactive video tutorials playable on any computer
  • Produce multimedia podcasts

3. Digication – ePortfolio System

Digication is a Web-Based ePortfolio system which was selected by a Bloomfield College faculty task force in 2012.  The Digication pilot program is currently in its second year.

To get started with Digication, please contact Professor Sandy Vandyk (sandy_vandyk@bloomfield.edu) at x1661 or x1278.  For Technical assistance with Digication, contact Yifeng Bai in CTLT.

4. SMART Board

SMART Board™ is an electronic white board with touch recognition capability allowing you to write, erase, and move objects with a touch of your finger.

From the SMART Board you can access and navigate the Internet, make notations, and save the image. You can even capture your work to SMART Notebook software where you can edit and distribute your files. The notes files are compatible with and can be opened in a variety of applications, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, and AutoCAD.  The files can be posted on the Web or Blackboard for students to access after class.

SMART Boards are installed in some classrooms across the campus in the Library, Center for Student Success, 2 Broad Street, College Hall, and Education Division.

For Assistance with SMART Board, please contact Robert Radics (robert_radics@bloomfield.edu)  in IT.

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