Office of Adult Student Support Services

Office of Adult Student Support Services

The Office of Adult Student Support Services in OTWASS takes a proactive approach to the learning process and helps non-traditional students connect with necessary resources and tools to succeed at Bloomfield College and beyond.


  • Academic support counseling
  • Specialized workshops
  • Online services
  • Social activities
  • Assistance with military/veteran forms
  • Mentoring and volunteer opportunities
  • Networking opportunities


Should I send in all of my previous college transcripts?

Yes, you should send in all of your previous college transcripts. You will review all of your transcripts in your first academic advising appointment.

What is the College Level Examination Program (CLEP)?

CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exam is offered for Bloomfield College students who wish to demonstrate their knowledge or professional experience in a particular subject and wish to turn that knowledge into college credits. For more information on CLEP and which courses you can CLEAP, please visit our Testing Page.

What is Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)?

PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) allows you to earn college credits from what you have learned outside the classroom. Awarding of credit for life experience operates on the belief that college-level learning, no matter how it is gained, deserves college credits. Therefore, nearly any type of experiential learning can gain college credit as long as:

  1. It is equivalent to a course or courses at Bloomfield College and
  2. You can prove your expertise.

Click here to learn more about Prior Learning Assessment

What accelerated programs are offered at Bloomfield College?

Bloomfield College offers a RN to BSN accelerated program. The Bloomfield College RN to BSN Accelerated Degree Program is uniquely designed for working professional Registered Nurses (RNs) who have attained an associate’s degree or diploma in nursing and have an active New Jersey RN license. It is intended to help complete your BSN degree at a faster pace.

To learn more about the RN to BSN Accelerated Degree Program, click here.

How do I access tutoring and writing services?

You can stop by the Center for Student Success for Writing and Tutoring services. Our Tutoring Center is located on the second floor of CSS and the Writing Center is located on the bottom floor of CSS. Each one of our tutors are readily equipped to assist you. You can also visit our Tutoring and Writing Services website for additional information.

Where is the best place to go on campus if I have questions or need resources?

The Center for Student Success is the best starting point for you! Commonly referred to as the CSS, it comprises three grant-funded programs, tutoring and writing services, academic coaching, career education, advising, and student accommodations. The Center for Student Success can also connect you with other departments across campus.

For advising specific questions, please visit our Academic Advising website.

Contact: Rebecca Lutte

Director of Academic Success Coaching

18 Austin Place, Center for Student Success - Room 203

Phone: 973-748-9000 ext. 1661


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