Internships are an important part of the career pathways process.


  • Give professional context to majors.
  • Guide the discovery of vocation, purpose and passion.
  • Build necessary professional networks and mentorships.
Student & Employer Testimonials

"Nathalie is doing great in her internship at our West Orange Office. She is open to learning new tasks and concepts, looks for additional assignments when her work is completed, and has become a valued member of the team. We are so pleased to have her!"

Provident Bank

"I'm honestly very happy! All of my coworkers are super friendly and they were all so welcoming! I'm learning so much, it's been an incredible experience"

Nathalie Marin, Intern at Prudential Bank

"Thankful for the opportunity to intern at ASun Star. This is a perfect way to apply my skills and passion for Human Services."

Kyrell Dixon, Intern at ASun Star

"After working with ASun Star for a few weeks, I felt that my exposure to the company operations had been advantageous and it is a great benefit for me long-term. I think this organization taught me the value of their mission statement and the effort they put in to uphold it."

Glorianna Alphonse, Intern at ASun Star

"Thank you CAACE for your time, patience, and understanding; I learned a lot through this process from the dinner etiquette, to the networking with former students, and everything else that comes along with it. I will take many of these lessons with me in my future endeavors."

Mathew Tornquist, Intern at BronxNet TV

Internship Collaborations

Changing Lives Internship Program

New Jersey Career Accelerator Internship Grant Program, Office of the Secretary of Higher Education, OSHE

New Jersey Courts, Probation Officer Internship Program

(and many more)


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