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Strategic Planning


Dr. Marcheta P. Evans

"Celebrating our History, Embracing the Present, and Reimagining Our Future"

I passionately believe that one person's vision should not dictate a strategic plan. Instead, I believe that our ideas for the future need to be developed by and representative of our entire campus community. This very special moment in the College’s history presented a grand opportunity for involvement, inclusion, and unity. Creating a plan for our future provides our campus with a needed window of opportunity to come together, build consensus, and strengthen the voice of our students, faculty, staff, and community partners.

This is why when we began this process several months ago, the goal was not to address any specific tactics or fill any particular void. Instead, we hoped to build an environment where ideas could be debated, our future could be discussed, and ultimately as a community, we could reassess and define a set of unified principles that would create a true excitement for our future, and also service the growing needs of our students and prospective students.

The experience began not with a mandate, but rather with a charge to listen—resulting in a process of creation that was first grounded by a series of town halls and meetings organized around campus, allowing our community to share with me what they know, how they feel, and what they truly wanted for our College's future.

In Fall 2019, we appointed the Strategic Planning Council (SPC), which was comprised of thirty-eight individuals including College trustees, the vice presidents of the College, numerous faculty and staff, student representatives, and members of the Bloomfield Township. The SPC, which was co-chaired by Dr. Patrick Lamy, Vice President for Student Affairs and Community Relations, and Matthew Frankel, a communication, government affairs, and crisis management strategist who was brought on as a strategic planning consultant. Together, Matthew Frankel and Dr. Lamy organized regular strategy sessions; conducted a series of town halls; created various surveys to gain further input and perspectives; researched and investigated ideas from around the country; developed, debated, and defined potential priorities; held breakout sessions; assessed budget needs; and helped create the plan you are provided in this document, entitled "Vision 2026: Moving Forward".

The most important request I made of the SPC was that it not extends itself into implementation; rather, my hope was that the SPC would focus on creating a needed framework for our future. Our success is incumbent on our entire community, each college unit and department, focusing on the same priorities and objectives, connected to a clearly defined mandate that each of us has a responsibility to support.

As you will see, after a great deal of research, engagement, and brainstorming, the SPC has now provided our community with a centralized modern document and series of principles that reflect the needs and dreams of our community. It is now all of our jobs to build departmental plans to ensure these priorities and goals are supported and ultimately addressed.

This document provides a clear vision for the next five years. Through the work of the SPC and the voices of our community, we have done something incredible—we have determined our local, regional, and global position as a higher education institution. We created a document that connects our history and successes with the needs of our future. "Vision 2026: Moving Forward" not only assesses the multiple challenges and transformations affecting the higher education landscape, but also outlines an immediate path and vision for our diverse community.

We look forward to your thoughts, and your assistance, in driving the hope and possibilities we see for our future.

Dr. Marcheta Evans, President of Bloomfield College

Dr. Marcheta Evans

Bloomfield College Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan Letters of Support

Strategic Planning Group Membership and Subgroups

Strategic Planning Council
  • Dr. Patrick J. Lamy
    Vice President for Student Affairs and Community Relations

    Dr. Patrick Lamy

    Dr. Lamy is excited to serve as Co-Chair of the Strategic Planning Council. He brings years of experience in higher education to this role and is completely committed to lead the efforts to transform Bloomfield College into one of the most progressive minority serving institutions in the nation.

    Dr. Patrick Lamy grew up in Bronx, New York, and has resided in Essex County, New Jersey since 1981. Dr. Lamy received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Caldwell University; followed by a Master of Arts in Education and Human Services from Montclair State University; and a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration and Policy from Seton Hall University.

    Over the past 28 years at Bloomfield College, Dr. Lamy has held the following positions: Resident Director, Residence Life Coordinator, EOF Counselor/Tutorial Program Coordinator, Director of Residence Life, Judicial Officer, Assistant Dean, Associate Dean, Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Officer, Vice President for Student Affairs, and most recently, Vice President for Student Affairs and Community Relations. What Dr. Lamy enjoys most about his employment at the College are his interactions with students, and the opportunities to collaborate with all sectors of the College Community to provide Bloomfield College students with an enriching and challenging educational experience.

    Dr. Lamy is very active in the broader Essex County Community where he serves as mentor to several young men and women in high school and in college. He is a recognized member of Who’s Who Among American Colleges and Universities Professionals; American College Personnel Association; American Counseling Association; and the Association for the Study of Higher Education. He is a member of the Editorial Board for the Leadership Exchange Journal from the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators; previous member of several conference planning committees for the American Association of Colleges and Universities and the New Jersey Association for Affirmative Action in Higher Education. Dr. Lamy was the recipient of the 2015 National Association of Student Personnel Administrators (NASPA) African American Knowledge Community Sankofa Award for Senior Student Affairs Officers. This is one of the highest national recognitions for Black student affairs professionals in the United States.

  • Matthew Frankel
    Consultant & Co-Chair Strategic Planning Council

    Matthew Frankel

    Matthew Frankel is thrilled to partner with Bloomfield College in the capacity of Co-Chair of the Strategic Planning Council. Matthew has worked several organizations over the past 20 years as a media, government affairs, and crisis management strategist.

    Before launching MDF Strategies, Matthew directed the communications strategy for some of the most high-profile entertainment and technology companies in the country.

    As head of corporate communications for AMC Networks, he led the promotion of the company’s entertainment brands and served on the senior team that launched groundbreaking programs such as Mad Men and Breaking Bad, and films such as Fahrenheit 911 and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. In addition, he led the communications for strategic business initiatives, such as the launch and rebrand of various televisions networks, the transformation of New York City’s historic Waverly Theater into the IFC Center, and the development of the first of its kind "day and date" content distribution platform.

    Matthew has also served as Senior Vice President for Communications for AOL and Chief Communications Officer and Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs for The Weinstein Company.

    Prior, Matthew served on Capitol Hill, working as Press Aide for House Democratic Leader Richard A. Gephardt, Congresswoman Debbie Stabenow, the Democratic Leadership Council, and a variety of political campaigns.

    After the adoption of his children, Matthew transitioned to service-oriented work within his home state of New Jersey. In addition to his work at MDF Strategies, he helped launch New Jersey's Parent Coalition for Excellent Education; lead communications for New Jersey school districts, such as the City of Newark and the Township of Montclair; provided broad strategic planning for a variety of New Jersey’s public charter schools; and developed Montclair State University’s collaborative news ecosystem NJ News Commons and the School of Communication's Center for Cooperative Media.

    He serves on the boards of a variety of community-based organizations, such as the Anti-Defamation League - New Jersey Region and LINK Community Charter School and is a founding Board Member of the Montclair Film Festival.

    Matthew helped launch the United Way of Northern Essex County’s Family Success Center, where he continues to serve as a volunteer career and life coach and has advised over 400 New Jersey professionals. Throughout the academic year, he also facilitates Bloomfield College’s Emerging and Advanced Leadership Series, bringing leaders and executives in areas such as politics, finance, media, non-profits, and other industries to the Bloomfield College campus to assist students in gaining a direct understanding of the requirements of the workplace, while developing needed strategies that will create a strong career track for their future.

    He passionately supports various political causes, the revitalization of the City of Newark, strong education policy, and the Boston Red Sox.

    Matthew and his wife Laura are the parents of two beautiful children, two rescued dogs, and spend their time in Montclair, New Jersey and Monterey, Massachusetts.

Student Members
  • BCSG President - Dreiana Holley - Class of 2020
  • Greek Council President - Christopher Barton – Class of 2020
  • BCSG VP Organizational Affairs - Mikal Wright – Class of 2020
City of Bloomfield Leadership
  • Councilwoman-At-Large - Wartyna Davis, PhD
  • Township Administrator - Matthew Watkins – Administrator’s Office
Alumni and Board of Trustees
  • Adebola Taiwo ’09
  • John Skowronski ‘91
Middle States Self-Study Chairs
  • Associate Professor - Dr. Laura Hill Chairperson (Humanities)
  • Associate Professor - Dr. Brandon Fralix* Chairperson (Humanities)
Academic Division Chairs
  • Dr. Brandon Fralix - Chairperson (Humanities)
  • Professor - Dr. Dunja Trunk - Chairperson (Social and Behavioral Sciences)
  • Professor - Dr. Neddie Serra - Chairperson (Nursing)
  • Professor - Dr. Steven Kreutzer - Chairperson (Business Division)
  • Professor - Dr. Jim Murphy - Chairperson (Natural Science and Mathematics)
  • Associate Professor - Yuichiro Nishizawa - Chairperson (Creatives Arts and Technology)
  • Associate Professor - Dr. Karen Fasanella - Chairperson (Education)
  • Administrative Assistant and Staff Supervisor - Denise Smith – Academic Affairs
  • Administrative Assistant - Keisha Newell - Student Affairs
  • Superintendent of Building and Grounds - Jack McGrane - Physical Plant
  • Coordinator of Accounts Payable - Onaja Tonge - Accounting Office
  • Development Coordinator - Patrick Vera - Office of Institutional Advancement
  • Executive Director - Nicole Quinn - Institutional Advancement
  • Director - Andrew Gertsmayr - Enterprise Information Services (EIS)
  • Director - Rick Burchfield - Marketing
  • Director of Institutional Research - Craigon Campbell
  • Business Operations Analyst - Ashton Corley - Finance & Administration
  • Assistant Vice President - Rose Mitchell - Student Affairs
  • Director - Sheila Wooten – Athletics
  • Registrar and Director - Annette Raymond - Academic Services
  • Director - Nicole Cibelli - Admission
  • Director - Leah Brown Johnson - Center for Student Success
President's Council
  • Dr. Marcheta Evans - President
  • Bill McDonald - Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Kevin Cavanagh - Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Dr. Peter Jeong - Vice President for Global Programs & Professional Studies
  • Sarah Lacz - Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Dr. Patrick Lamy - Vice President for Student Affairs and Community Relations
  • Dr. Michael Palladino - Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty
Critical Themes and Subcommittee Members
Critical Theme I - Create a Community Committed to Student Success and Enrich, Enhance, and Strengthen Community Core Values
  • Sub-Committee Co-Chairs: Rick Burchfield, Adebola Taiwo
  • Sub-Committee Members: Annette Raymond, Leah Brown-Johnson, Yuichiro Nishizawa, Patrick Vera, Mikal Wright, Onaja Tongue
Critical Theme II - Grow and Diversify Revenue Stream to the Institution
  • Sub-Committee Co-Chairs: Nicole Quinn, Steve Kreutzer
  • Sub-Committee Members: Peter Jeong, John Skowronski, Matthew Watkins, Bill McDonald
Critical Theme III - Improve Student Satisfaction, Success and Retention
  • Sub-Committee Co-Chairs: Rose Mitchell, Kevin Cavanagh
  • Sub-Committee Members: Andrew Gerstmayr, Ashton Corley, Brandon Fralix, Keisha Newell, Jack McGrane, Dreiana Holley
Critical Theme IV - Establish Strategic Partnerships to Grow Student Enrollment
  • Sub-Committee Chair: Nicole Cibelli
  • Sub-Committee Members: Laura Hill, Christopher Barton, Wartyna Davis, Jim Murphy, Sheila Wooten
Critical Theme V - Investment in Academic Innovation and Inclusive Excellence
  • Sub-Committee Co-Chairs: Maureen Grant, Dunja Trunk
  • Sub-Committee Members: Denise Smith, Karen Fasanella, Neddie Serra
Strategic Planning Process Timeline

PHASE I - Completed before 1/13 SPC Meeting

  • Step 1 - Discussion and Focus on the Defined Purpose/Mandate of Each Sub-Committee


PHASE II - Completed and Presented to SPC at 2/17 SPC Meeting

  • Step 2 - Research 3rd Party Ideas and Initiatives 
  • Step 3 - Target, Outreach, and Receive Thought Partnership from Select Members of the

Bloomfield College Community that are Relevant to Defined Purpose/Focus 


PHASE III - Completed and Presented to SPC at 3/16 SPC Meeting

  • Step 4 - Brainstorm and Define Ideas
  • Step 5 - Define Current Approaches/Programs that Should Be Sunset/Eliminated


PHASE IV - Completed and Presented to SPC at 4/13 SPC Meeting

  • Step 6 - Prioritize Developed Ideas
  • Step 7 - Define Support Needs, Budget Resources for Prioritized Items 
  • Step 8 - Define POV on How Priorities Should Be Implemented and Define Metric of Success
  • Step 9- Taking Items Steps 6 thru 8 - and any other points - Create a Proposed Outline for



PHASE V – TO BE COMPLETED BY SPC CO-CHAIRS – for Presentation at 5/11 SPC Meeting

  • Step 10 - Review the Subcommittees Outlines. Create Unified Outline Template - which will be Used for Subcommittee Drafting


PHASE VI - Completed and Present to SPC at 6/15 SPC Meeting

  •  Step 11 – Sub-Committees Present Final Document



  • Step 12 – Unify the Work of Each Subcommittee into One Final Unifying Document.  Document then Sent to SPC Members for Review.
  • Step 13 - SPC Formally Edits, Revises, and Finalizes Unifying Document
Community Forum Meeting Schedule

Transparency is of the utmost importance to Bloomfield College President Marcheta P. Evans, Ph.D., and the Strategic Planning Council (SPC). In the spirit of fostering that transparency, Bloomfield College will hold a number of community-wide forums for updates and input throughout the Strategic Planning Process.

Current schedule of community-wide forums

  • Past - January 13, 1 p.m. - College Hall, Room 16
  • April 20 - 3 p.m. - Zoom
  • May 4 - Time and place to be announced
Community Submission Form

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