Admitted and Prospective Students - FAQ

Is the Admission Office at Bloomfield College open?

The Office of Admission is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm. While walk-in visitors will be accommodated as best as possible, we strongly encourage you to call in advance to schedule an appointment. Social distancing protocols will be in place.

Additionally, all Admission Office staff members are all currently available via phone, text, and email. We encourage you to reach out to us (see below) as many of our staff can assist you by phone, email, or text.

How can I reach the Admission Staff?

You can reach the Admission Staff in the following ways:
In-Person: Visit our office at One Park Place
Text: 973-874-1313
Or connect with a staff member directly by visiting our staff page.

Will Bloomfield College be waiving the SAT and ACT for the Spring and Fall 2021?

Yes, Bloomfield College has been a test-optional school for three years already, and we do plan to continue this practice again this year.  For more information on our test-optional process, please visit our test-optional policy page.

I am interested in applying to Bloomfield College, but I cannot afford the application fee.  What options do I have?

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Bloomfield College will be waiving the $40 application fee for any freshmen or transfer application, until further notice.  To apply, please visit and select the “Apply Online” option.  When prompted to do so, please use the fee waiver code “BC VIP”.

Can I visit Bloomfield College?

All of our tours are currently offered virtually with one of our Bloomfield College Student Ambassadors, who we call Storytellers.  Please schedule a virtual tour on our tours page.

Once we are able to offer an on-campus tour we will update our events page and send a notification to anyone on our mailing list.  To join our mailing list, please click here.


Bookstore FAQ


Where can I access the Online Bookstore?

Log into the Online Bookstore using your Bloomfield College Portal Credentials here: Bloomfield College Online.

How does the online bookstore work?

For your reference, a FAQ has been attached to this email to assist you in answering any questions you may have surrounding how the online bookstore operates. You can also access this email by visiting the bookstore webpage or portal page. 

When should I order my textbooks? 

As soon as possible! Once you log into the bookstore, a list of books that the classes you registered for the Fall 2020 term require or suggest will be reflected and available for you to purchase, rent, or download. If your course does not have a textbook listed, please continue to check back to see if one is adopted.

The earlier you order your books the less stress you will experience as the semester approaches! 

Where should I have my textbooks mailed?

Students are strongly encouraged to have their ordered textbooks mailed to their home addresses. 

As many of you may have experienced this spring, mail and delivery services have had unexpected delays. For that reason, as well as eliminating unnecessary crowds in the mailroom, we are strongly recommending that residential students who may be mail-ordering books and other supplies for the semester have them delivered home to bring with you when you move on campus. We know how important it is to your academic success to having your textbooks--please take these delays into consideration when deciding where to mail your books. 

Am I eligible to request a book voucher to assist in covering the costs of my textbooks? 

All pending information must be submitted to the financial aid office to become eligible for your book voucher. This includes any pending state or federal verification requests. Additionally, students must complete and return the Financial Aid Authorization form, and complete all loan requirements. You can check to see if you have any pending aid or missing documents by visiting your Financial Aid Self-Service page and reviewing items listed under the “Checklist” subsection. The sooner you complete these processes, the sooner you will have the ability to request a book voucher.

Great, I am all taken care of in Financial Aid! I believe I am eligible for a book voucher, when will I have access to these funds?

Students who have a valid credit on their financial aid account may request a book voucher. You can check to see if you have a valid credit on your account by viewing your Student Finance Self-Service page. If you are eligible the amount listed next to “Total Amount Due” will reflect a negative balance. 

How do I apply for book vouchers?

Once you have resolved all pending financial aid items and see that you have a valid credit on your account, you will need to complete the Book Voucher Request Form located on your Bloomfield Portal under Resources.

Once I apply, how long will I need to wait before receiving those funds? How will I receive them? 

You will receive an email from with the subject of “Book Store Credit NOW Available” once your book voucher has been approved. At this time, your full credit amount will be reflected on the online bookstore page in the top right corner after you login. This process usually takes two to three business days. 

I have questions, who should I contact?

If you have questions about…

The Online Bookstore or any orders-

Sean Keane and Toni Furman: &

My financial aid status or eligibility for a book voucher-

Student Financial Services:

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