Current Students - FAQ

Will the College be offering classes in-person or will all classes be held online?

Our current plan is to offer as many in-person classes as possible. However, some courses will be offered in hybrid format or online. Please look closely at your course schedule to determine the format for your course offerings.

What is a hybrid course?

Hybrid courses are a combination of both in-person and online (OL) sessions. These will be denoted with an in person (LEC) meeting day and time and has accompanying online (OLA or OLS) meetings.

What does it mean if one of my classes is offered as online asynchronous (OLA)? What does it mean if one of my classes is offered as online synchronous (OLS)?

OLA means a course is running fully online asynchronously. That means that you complete the course requirements on your own time submitting assignments by the dates outlined in the syllabus by the instructor. OLA courses do not have a specific meeting time set each week.

OLS means a course is running fully only synchronously. That means that you have to log into a virtual class meeting on a specific day(s) and time each week. OLS courses will have days and times listed on your schedule in the student planner.

What technology should I have to be best prepared for classes this fall?

  • A computer (desktop/laptop) that is less than five (5) years old will be required for most courses.
  • A mobile device (smartphone or table) may be appropriate for some applications in certain courses but will generally not be sufficient for the majority of your courses.
  • Internet connection through WiFi or wired internet connection.
  • Speakers/Headphones/Earbuds for listening to audio or video presented in courses.
  • Webcam for interacting in course activities that require video feedback from students using technologies such as Zoom.
  • Please also refer to the Student Technology Guide for Fall 2021 should you need assistance

For additional required hardware or software requirements for your course(s), contact your instructor or refer to the course syllabus for additional information on their requirements.

Are masks required in classrooms?

All faculty, staff and students in indoor classroom, office, and laboratory environments, must wear a mask. Surplus masks will be provided through the Security Office should anyone arrive at a building or classroom without a mask or should a mask break.

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