Two New Task Forces to Recommend Best Practices in Global Education and Faculty Development

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Global education and faculty development will be taking center stage this spring at Bloomfield College. With input from the Faculty Council, Academic Affairs recently charged two new task forces to address these important strategic priorities of the College. Each task force is expected to provide specific, actionable recommendations grounded in best practices that represent the mission and core values of Bloomfield College.

The current suspension of all study abroad experiences and faculty-led courses abroad for 2020-21 due to the coronavirus pandemic, makes this a compelling time for the College to revisit the global opportunities it offers to both students and faculty. The new Global Learning Task Force has been charged with examining all aspects of global learning at the College.

Co-chairs for Global Learning Task Force are Professor Yuichiro Nishizawa and Professor Lori Ann Palmieri.

Additional members include:

  • Zachary Aidala, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Harry Franqui-Rivera, Associate Professor of History
  • Eileen Hawkins, Admissions Assistant
  • Robert Kornel, Student, Business 
  • Antony Leberatto, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Sociology
  • Marissa McYeng, OTWASS Assistant Director, Adult Support Specialist & Grad Prep Coordinator
  • Jason Torreano, Adjunct Lecturer, Humanities Division 
  • Sheila Wooten, Director of Athletics
  • Kya Wright, Student, Nursing 

As a teaching college, investment and sustained support for the development of all faculty as teacher-scholars is among our highest priorities in Academic Affairs. The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Task Force has been charged with providing its recommendations for a comprehensive Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Co-chairs for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Task Force are Professor Abraham Gomez-Delgado and Professor Fiona Harris-Ramsby.

Additional members include:

  • Melissa Anderson, Adjunct Lecturer, Social and Behavioral Sciences Division
  • Nancy Bacci, Professor of Computer Graphics
  • Christie Cruse-Cohen, Assistant Professor of Business Management
  • Barbara Isaacson, Media Center Director
  • Paul LaTorre, Adjunct Lecturer, Humanities Division
  • Nora McCook, Assistant Professor of Writing
  • Karen Pezzolla, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
  • Gloria Rodriguez, Student, Education
  • Elizabeth Vogt, Student, Education

Both task forces will be engaging the campus community in their respective work starting in the spring semester to invite a diversity of voices to help move Bloomfield College forward with these important initiatives.

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