Students Give Back

By: Mark Reyes, Newswriting Intern                    

Current and prospective students of Bloomfield College gave back to the community on Nov. 22 in the institution’s second annual “Community Service Experience Day” held on the institution’s campus grounds.

The Office of Admission and Center for Student Leadership and Engagement (CSLE) partnered up for the generous event to give current and future students an opportunity to earn community service hours while making an impact in their community.

Prospective students can use the three documented hours to help earn a Community Service Scholarship offered by the College if they decide to attend Bloomfield. Students who received Instant Admission Decisions were given this offer prior to the event.

"This event, and the number of prospective and current Bloomfield College students who came out on a Saturday afternoon to participate, is a testament to the character of our students and the power that they have to make a difference in our world,“ said Assistant Director of Marketing Jessica Zawerczuk. “We could not be prouder to offer this event and of all 104 students who spent three hours giving back this past weekend.”

The students participated in charitable activities such as making gift bags for Miracles for Mateo, an initiative that provides snacks to families while children are undergoing treatment in local hospitals. Sandwiches were also made by participants to be distributed through the non-profit organization Midnight Run.

Partakers also made an impact on the Bloomfield College campus, participating in a campus cleanup as well as the winterizing of the school’s Student Cooperative Garden in conjunction with the College’s Greenhearts Student Club. Students also made bracelets for various awareness events to be held on campus and decorated cardboard houses to raise funds for local homeless shelters through Family Promises, an organization dedicated to helping homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence.

A total of 104 students (75 prospective, nine student staff of the Office of Admission and 20 students from the institution’s Students Engaging in Real Volunteer Experiences Program) were in attendance to take part in the event.

“The Community Service Experience was more than just a campus visit; it was a full-day experience of meeting new people, making new connections and working together to give back to the community,” Director of Admission Nicole Cibelli said of the event. “In only our second time holding this event we doubled our attendance, while also engaging more of our current students through our partnership with CSLE. I only see this event getting bigger and more hands-on each year, and I look forward to getting more of the campus community involved.”

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