Student Glo-An Ramos participates in mission trip to Haiti

By: Mark Reyes, Newswriting Intern                              

Senior Nursing student Glo-An Ramos spent one week in Haiti over winter break on a trip hosted by Foundation for Peace and the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, providing nursing care and assessments for individuals, families, and the community under the supervision of registered nurses and nurse practitioners.

Ramos completed 32 hours of Community Health Practicum from Jan. 5-11 in displaced camps surrounding Port-au-Prince, Haiti and in an orphanage near the town.

“The mission gave me an opportunity to help others on a scale larger than I have ever experienced,” said Ramos. “I wanted to make a difference not only in my community and school, but in humanity as a whole.”

The mission of the trip was to gain experience in the nursing field while giving back to a less fortunate community. Before leaving, Ramos fundraised $1,285 and gathered an ample amount of supplies including 2,000 small hygiene kits and 130 family-size hygiene kits from non-profit organization The Hygiene Project. The hygiene kits consisted of washcloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, shampoo and soap.

Upon her arrival, Ramos distributed the supplies to families and administered medical attention to over 2,000 people in the communities of Despizo, La Hat Contin and Canaan #3 surrounding Port-au-Prince. Ramos went beyond her mission and gave more than just medical assistance. She met some children from the orphanage they visited, and connected with them on a personal level.

“This has inspired me and my family to help others, and I have learned to be thankful for all the blessings I have,” said Ramos. “The only thing I regret is that I could have done more by staying longer and fundraising additional supplies. I am truly blessed for having had this experience, and the opportunity to help others who could not give anything in return.”

A wife and mother of three boys – Raymond Anthony (17), Raymond Grant (14) and Raymond Sage (13)  - Ramos is a highly decorated student who is a member of 18 campus and civic organizations such as the Friendly Visitor’s Program and the Bloomfield College Nursing Student Organization. She has also been the recipient of numerous awards recognizing the work she does in and out of the classroom, and is a member of the New Jersey Student Nurses Association and the National Association of Hispanic Nurses Garden State Chapter.

Bloomfield College’s Frances M. McLaughlin Division of Nursing was responsible for the donation of nearly 200 toothbrushes and toothpaste. The nursing program was also responsible for providing Ramos with the knowledge to thrive in the setting she was in.

The mission of the Division of Nursing is to engage students in a collaborative educational experience, prepare caring, reflective professional nurses, positively influence and shape healthcare delivery and provide a solid foundation for graduate study. Whichever career path a student chooses, a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from Bloomfield College will provide the academic foundation and hands-on experience needed to excel in today’s complex healthcare environment.

“My professors from Bloomfield College gave me the knowledge and abilities to be prepared in any clinical setting,” said Ramos. “They also taught me how to become a compassionate and caring nurse, and to be a competent representative of the medical profession. Through them and the nursing program, I was able to provide medical care to the displaced Haitian populations, and become a part of something greater than myself.”

“Glo-An Ramos has demonstrated a personal commitment to work in a variety of community activities both as part of the College community and on her own,” said Dr. Neddie Serra, division chairperson of the nursing department. “I think that these actions demonstrate a committed professional with a heart for community work.”

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