Scott H. Kaplan ’02 Art Gallery Revival Event a Great Success

Scott H. Kaplan ’02 Art Gallery Revival Event

The October 7 kick-off event marking the revival of art exhibitions at Bloomfield College’s Scott H. Kaplan ’02 Art Gallery was well-attended with nearly 60 attendees, including local leaders and other friends of the College present sharing their enthusiastic support.

The kick-off exhibition and reception featured art by renowned collage artist and book illustrator, Bryan Collier, who was in attendance and spoke about his journey as an artist. The evening included remarks by Bloomfield College President Marcheta P. Evans, Ph.D.

“I am thrilled to be president during this time to witness the revival of this beautiful gallery space. We are especially grateful to the Kaplan family for their generosity toward the funding of the gallery when it opened in 2013, and for their continued support. Some of you may know that this gallery is named for their fondly remembered son, a 2002 Bloomfield College graduate who passed away of complications from muscular dystrophy just one year following his graduation,” said Evans.

Son of Marc and Ellen Kaplan, Scott Kaplan ’02 was a Bloomfield College Creative Arts and Technology student highly skilled in graphic design. While a student, he made a special mark on the College as an advocate for the disabled, bringing awareness of disability accessibility to the College and its buildings and grounds.

Newly appointed Director of the Kaplan Art Gallery, Wanda Croudy, said “The opening reception for the revival of the Kaplan Gallery exceeded all expectations. Many from various aspects of the art community were in attendance along with the Bloomfield College family. There will be various art exhibitions and activities following each opening that will become a hallmark of the gallery’s mission.”

All exhibitions are free and open to the public. To stay informed, visit the Kaplan Art Gallery website.



Bloomfield College President Marcheta P. Evans, Ph.D. (far left) addresses visitors at the October 7 re-opening reception of the Scott H. Kaplan ’02 Art Gallery located in the campus Library. The Gallery, which first opened in 2013, is named for the deceased Bloomfield College grad and son of Ellen and Marc Kaplan (far right).

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