Making an Impact

By: Mark Reyes, Newswriting Intern                  

Scholarships open the door to many opportunities for students, giving them a chance to attend college and pursue their career choice. Bloomfield College scholarship recipients came together to meet the donors who help them write their own stories on Nov. 19, as the institution held its annual Scholarship Dinner at Mayfair Farms in West Orange, N.J.

“Tonight the significance is showcasing our wonderful students and their amazing stories, and the impact that scholarships have on their lives, families, and their future generations,” said Vice President for Institutional Advancement Jackie Bartley. “It is so inspiring to see first-hand what scholarships can do for the life of a student.”

Scholarship recipients and current students Jacqueline Hunterdon-Anderson, Jamel Shuler and Melina Reyes shared their inspiring stories of where they came from and how scholarships have helped steer them in a different, life-changing direction.

Each student has had a different journey. Hunterdon-Anderson, a mother and wife, took years off from school before deciding to come back and pursue a career in nursing. She is now a member of several major nursing societies including Alpha Chi and the National Association of Hispanic Nurses. Shuler went from looking at big-name schools for tennis before deciding on studying Biology at Bloomfield. Now a four-year tennis player, two-year cross country runner and third-year Resident Advisor (RA), Shuler is very involved in the institution and is glad to call it home. Reyes, the sole provider for her family, was able to attend Bloomfield and pursue her degree in business administration thanks to the scholarships she has been awarded.

“Where would I be without a Bloomfield College Scholarship, honestly? I don’t know. I wouldn’t be the confident woman that I am today, I wouldn’t be able to provide for my family and I would not have the professional experience of having multiple internships,” said Reyes.

Behind the scenes of these students’ achievements are people who have helped to make all of this possible. Their generous scholarship donations have helped script stories of success and accomplishment for countless Bloomfield students. Without them, some students may not have been able to afford the chance these scholarship recipients have received.

Everyone in attendance was able to witness the impact that scholarships can have on students, and how much their gifts truly make a difference.

“Tonight was a true testament to what Bloomfield College is all about,” said Director of Donor Relations and Events Nicole Quinn. “The dinner has become a fall tradition here at the College, and it couldn’t have gone any better.”

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