Juliette Tygret ’20 Heads to Italy Master’s Program

Juliette Tygret ’20

A full year after being contacted by the Olympic Management Institute whose classes are managed through the American University of Rome, Bloomfield College alumna Juliette Tygret ’20 has arrived in the city of Rome to begin a one-year master’s program in Sports Management and Coaching.

“In January 2020, I was contacted on Instagram and invited to apply to this exciting program,” said Tygret. “They had learned about my success as a Bloomfield College volleyball player, as well as my coaching experience, through the rankings reported by the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference.”

The business administration grad came to Bloomfield from Phoenix with a desire to see other cities, switching her major from nursing after earning an associate degree at a junior college in Arizona where she grew up and where her family lives.

“I realized that nursing was not what I wanted to pursue. I had thought about opening a boutique, and I also wanted to experience new social interactions and the norms that come with being in a diverse environment, said Tygret. “Having come from Arizona where my exposure to diverse ethnicities included only people with my own white racial background, and people of Mexican descent, Bloomfield was a culture shock for me.”

The closeness of Bloomfield College to New York City, with transportation just steps from campus, was a major attraction, added Tygret. “Easy access to the City expanded my horizons,” she said.

An experienced coach of students of all ages, Tygret was also invited to play volleyball in an adult league at the Olympic Management Institute. The application process for entering the master’s program in Rome included sending a resume describing her coaching experience along with a video playing volleyball.

“I would not have met some of my best friends if I didn’t choose Bloomfield College, and this opportunity that combines both my business administration major and my personal interests in learning about different cultures would have likely never come along,” concluded Tygret. “I am hoping to learn about Italy’s different coaching approaches as compared to here in the U.S., and I dream of staying in Italy another year after I earn the master’s degree and finding a way to coach somewhere that brings the two cultures together.”

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