Gourmet Dining Offers Upcoming Bloomfield College Grads Dinner Etiquette Lesson

Etiquette Dinner 2022 Coordinators

As Bloomfield College seniors prepare to graduate this May, a lesson in etiquette made the grade during the annual “Etiquette Dinner” held on April 28, 2022 in Westminster Hall 214.

Students attended in business attire to learn about the decorum to be followed while eating in public. What do you do with your cell phone? How do you sip soup? Where does your napkin go? Which is my bread plate? How do you introduce yourself? These, and many more dinner etiquette questions, were answered during the learning session conducted by Michelle Costello who is a professional Etiquette trainer from Gourmet Dining, LLC.

“For the past several years, we have hosted an etiquette dinner for Bloomfield College Students in collaboration with Career Development,” said Bloomfield College Director of Dining Services Michael St. Blancard. “This year, we welcomed nearly 30 eager attendees. The students always take this opportunity very seriously and are fully engaged by asking questions and conversing with one another and the presenter. It’s a special evening where the student attendees dress to impress, listen well and follow through to do right by their College sponsors.”

A number of College offices, including the Center for Student Leadership and Engagement (CSLE), the Center for Academic Advising and Career Education (CAACE) and the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF), among others, provide the funding for selected students to attend the dinner and training. The goal is to provide graduating seniors who are academically ready to embark on professional positions with important lessons on how to present themselves well in high end social settings such as special events, banquets and business interviews.

“We know this event is greatly appreciated by our students. We often receive thank you cards following the dinner and positive feedback on the meal served,” said Assistant Director of Dining Services Ashley Hinkson.

What was served? The menu consisted of: Mesclun Salad with Feta Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes and a Raspberry Vinaigrette for the starter; Airline Chicken with a Truffle Wine Reduction, Fingerling Potatoes, and Garlic String Beans for the entrée; and Strawberry Shortcake for dessert. There was also red and white wine available for students who were 21+.

The following week, seven students were selected to attend a special formal dinner at The Highlawn in West Orange, sponsored by Gourmet Dining, in which students were able to put their new etiquette skills into practice in the venue’s formal setting encircled by panoramic views of the New York City skyline. Students dined with Bloomfield College President Marcheta P. Evans, Gourmet Dining Vice President of Business Development George Kuzama, and The Highlawn owner Anthony Frungillo.

Photo (left to right): Director of Dining Services Michael St. Blancard, Gourmet Dining Etiquette Presenter Michelle Costello, CAACE Office Coordinator Evelyn Mojica, CAACE Assistant Director Lisa St. Hilaire, and Assistant Director of Dining Services Ashley Hinkson.

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