Faculty Announcements Spring 2013

Instructor of Teacher Education, Kenneth Kunz


Creative Arts and Technology Division

Tom Toynton and over a dozen CAT students participated in the 5th annual Global Game Jam (GGJ). They will be a handful of over 10,000 people worldwide at 320 jam sites in 63 countries participating in this global event from 5pm on January 25th till 5pm on January 27th. GGJ is the world's largest game jam event and is focused on brining diverse groups of people together to be creative, share experiences, and express themselves in a multitude of ways using games. It all happens in just 48 hours and culminates with the online sharing of the thousands of games created during the event. Students who participate have the opportunity to make new friends and explore new technologies and creative roles, which increases their confidence and often creates new opportunities within the community.

Education Division

In January 2013, Associate Professor Peggy O’Reilly and Instructor Kenneth Kunz, co-advisors for Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) Education Honor Society, and the officers from the KDP Honor Society initiated a pilot tutoring and mentoring project at the Fairview Elementary School in Bloomfield, NJ.  During the spring semester, five KDP honor society students began working in an elementary classroom alongside an experienced teacher to participate in instruction and apply what they are learning in their coursework prior to student teaching.  Bloomfield students are supported and supervised throughout this experience by Professors Kunz and O’Reilly.  Ongoing communication and data collection from students and faculty will determine satisfaction and benefits as well as areas for improvement.  This initiative is the start of a collaborative relationship with the school and the district that the Education Division expects to expand over the coming semesters.

Instructor of Teacher Education, Kenneth Kunz, will also be representing Bloomfield College by hosting a "Lunch and Learn" Literacy Session at the Rutgers 45th Annual Reading and Writing Conference. 

Professor Kunz recently passed his qualifying exam for the doctoral program in Teacher Leadership at Rutgers University.  On April 12, 2013, he presented "Using K-3 Anchor Charts for Literacy Instruction" at the Rutgers Annual Conference on Reading and Writing. 

Peggy OReilly is conducting two presentations at the YAI International Conference in New York for individuals with disabilities.  The first session, on May 7th, is entitled Using the MAPS Process to Deepen Understanding and Facilitate Inclusion.  The second, on May 8th, is entitled Facilitating Learning and Engagement in Elementary Classrooms for Students With Disabilities.

Humanities Division

Instructor of Communication Nicole Franklin’s documentary UrbanErotika:  an Odyssey of Eros on Film will make its debut as a final cut at the Hayti Heritage Film Festival on February 16 in Durham, NC. The curriculum outreach plan for Nicole Franklin and EPIPHANY Inc.’s Little Brother film series has received funding from The Campaign for Black Male Achievement. The curriculum component will be used to help black boys understand racial bias and how it affects self-perception and personal development.

Laura Warren Hill, Assistant Professor of History, was invited to present her research on Civil Rights and Black Power Movements to the Rochester City School District’s Teaching American History program on February 7.

Professor of Communications Jeanne Nutter was Martin Luther King Day speaker at Union College, Schenectady, New York, on January 21 where she spoke and showed portions of her film A Separate Place: The Schools P.S. duPont Built.

Paul Puccio, Associate Professor of English, published “It Started Out Like a Song: Merrily We Roll Along – from Play to Musical” in the Spring 2013 issue of The Sondheim Review.

Professor of English, Paul Genega, launched his fifth full-length volume of poetry, All I Can Recall, at the Associated Writing Programs Convention in Boston, March 8-10, where he did a book signing and read at the publisher’s reception. On March 17 he gave a reading at Watchung Booksellers, Montclair and on April 11 at the Bright Hill Arts Center, Treadwell, New York. He also gave a reading from his recent chapbook, A Stone for Nina, on March 23 at Canio’s Bookstore, Sag Harbor, New York. For anyone interested, All I Recall is available at the college bookstore (see Errol) and www.salmonpoetry.com.

Professor of Religion, Glen Hayes, presented a paper at An International Workshop on Buddhism and Science, April 12-14, at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. He discussed his ongoing research involving the use of neuroscience in the study of Hindu and Buddhist yoga and tantra. Representatives from The Mind and Life Institute, supported by the office of the Dalai Lama, participated as well. SUNY Press recently published Professor Hayes’ Afterward to an anthology dealing with the comparative study of religions and metaphor theory, Figuring Religions: Comparing Ideas, Images and Activities.

Professor of Philosophy, Richard Hart, gave a lecture on “Steinbeck’s Natural Embrace of Philosophy” on April 4 to a graduate philosophy seminar at the University of Toledo (Ohio) which focuses exclusively on Steinbeck literature and thought.

Assistant Professor of History, Laura Hill, gave a talk for the Conversations in Black Freedom Studies series at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture on April 2 on her co-edited collection, The Business of Black Power: Community Development, Capitalism and Corporate Responsibility in Postwar America.

Associate Professor of English, Paul Puccio, published “Even Administrators Have Souls” in the winter 2012-2013 issue of The Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives in Learning. He also presented “Ghosts of Revision Past: The Drama of Publishing in CCC Online” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC) in Las Vegas, March 13-16. At the Conference, he was also a discussion facilitator at the session “Making Leadership Public: A Roundtable Discussion of Leadership Opportunities in NCTE and CCCC.”

Nursing Division

Professor of Nursing, Marianne Flood, and five nursing honors students attended the Northeast Regional Honors Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania April 4-7. The nursing students did a poster presentation on the research Dr. Flood started last summer entitled "Student attitudes towards working with older adults."  They have been invited to share their research poster at the Sigma Theta Tau Research Day at William Paterson University on April 17, 2013.  This is an ongoing research project within the Division of Nursing involving 12 nursing students. 

Social and Behavioral Science

Vânia Penha-Lopes, Professor of Sociology, published "Affirmative Action and Racial Identity in Brazil: A Study of the First Quota Graduates at the State University of Rio de Janeiro," Chapter 21 of The Melanin Millenium: Skin Color as 21st Century International Discourse (edited by Ronald E. Hall; Springer; 2012).

Assistant Professor of Psychology Dunja Trunk's research Reading Aloud in Class: Do All Learners Benefit? was accepted for publication in the Journal of Reading, Writing, and Literacy.

Denise Dennis, Professor of Psychology, presented a paper entitled, "The Development of an Academic Coaching Program for African-American Male Students" at the Hawaii International Conference on Education on January 7, 2013.

Terry Glover was co-author of a chapter with Lauren Bergey and Judith Weis entitled Behavioral Differences in Fiddler Crabs, Uca pugnax, from Contaminated and Reference Estuaries in New Jersey. This appears in Crabs:  Anatomy, Habitat and Ecological Significance.

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