Event Honors Publication of New Book by Dr. Michelle Chase

By: Office of Institutional Advancement      advancement@bloomfield.edu

The Division of Humanities, Bloomfield College students and faculty gathered in the Shelby Art Room to celebrate the publication of Dr. Michelle Chase’s publication of her new book, Revolution within the Revolution: Women and Gender Politics in Cuba, 1952-1962.

The audience who attended the book party had nothing but kind words to say about Dr. Chase and her accomplishment. Fellow faculty members, staff and students noted her ability to challenge assumptions about the role of women within the Cuban revolution in a clear and direct way through her writing.

“Dr. Chase is so conversant in the revolutionary language in Cuba that she discerns the gaps on the rhetoric and the sub-text of what is left unsaid by official and nonofficial chronicles,” said Danilo Figueredo, Director of the Library. “Her Feminist scholarship and historian’s intuition prompts her to question the revolution’s leaders when they asserted that a new Cuban woman had been created and that she was liberated from the oppression, exclusion, and prejudice. That assertion was not only a credo but a decree that could not be questioned for to do so was to challenge Fidel. That is exactly what Dr. Chase does.”

Dr. Chase’s work is already being reviewed. In her book, Dr. Chase covers 1952-1962, a crucial period of Cuban history, and focuses on women and politics in the Cuban revolution. A copy of the book is available for check out in the Bloomfield College Library.

Click here to see photos from the book signing.

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