Broadcast Journalism Students Film, Edit, Produce, and Star in Their Own Show

By: Alicia Cook

Broadcast Journalism students at Bloomfield College presented their spring presentations this week. Unlike other years, where students worked collaboratively on one project, this year each student was required to film, edit, produce, and star in their own 15-minute show. A daunting task, but the students rose to the occasion.

I was able to attend the second day of presentations. Though each student’s show was broken down into three segments and a commercial break, their topics of discussion were vastly different, which allowed for their own voice and passions to shine through.

Veronica Cobos’ news show, “Cobos’ Corner,” focused on sports, more specifically the differences between softball and baseball and educated viewers on the College’s policies regarding performance enhancing drugs and drug testing. Her self-made commercial was anti-bully related.

Sharae Harvey hosted “Black Lives Matter,” which focused on the ongoing racism in our country, police brutality, and the importance of voting in the upcoming presidential election. Her segments included sound bites and actual footage of the trial of George Zimmerman, Sandra Bland, and Ashley Sharpton. Her commercial brought awareness to sexually transmitted diseases.

Darren Fisher’s “MTV News” gave us the music industry’s breaking news, followed Fisher to Farleigh Dickinson University where he volunteers his Tuesday nights (7 – 10 pm EST) as a radio DJ for WFDU, and introduced us to up and coming New Jersey music producer and musician, Steven Kellner. Fisher also starred in his own commercial which promoted a car service for senior citizens called “E-Z Ride.”

“Luminous Locks” hosted by Ana Valentin focused on the growing trend of “fantasy” hair color and how it could affect your employment opportunities. She brought us to a hair salon in Little Falls, NJ to speak with a color expert and introduced us to a young woman who experienced “hair discrimination” in the work place.

The last presentation of the day was Elizabeth Meyer and her show, “Peace of Mind.” Peace of Mind focused on the importance of meditation, especially for busy college students. Her spotlight interview was with Robert Griffiths, a man who, after a hard upbringing, found peace of mind thanks to meditation.

Both Meyers and Valentin’s commercial focused on the Green Initiative.

All the presentations included B-roll, unique logos, music, voiceovers, quick cuts, and many members of the College Community made cameos – students and faculty and staff alike.

The Broadcast Journalism Majors’ Communications Capstones will be presented on Wednesday, April 27 at 4:00 pm in the Library Screening Room.

Check out some pictures here.

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