Bloomfield College Keeps Unique One-Cost Tuition Model for 2016-2017

By: Alicia Cook

The topics of college affordability and cost transparency have moved to the forefront of a national debate.  Bloomfield College will continue to provide its students with an open and transparent way to join the campus community and write their own stories.

Over one year ago, the College eliminated its comprehensive fee (formally $1,200 per year for full-time students) and all course fees and combined all charges into one rate to make the total cost of attendance clear to families and eliminate any additional “surprises.”

“This tuition model clearly demonstrates our commitment to our students and made Bloomfield College a leader in the national push to make a quality college education more affordable and transparent,” said Adam Castro, Vice President for Enrollment Management. “Our students deserve this type of honest, straight-forward cost structure as they make the most important investment of their lives.”

Bloomfield has long been committed to offering a quality private education and was the first institution in New Jersey to convert to a tuition-only model.

“For the 2016 – 2017 academic year, our tuition is set at $28,600, the lowest of all four-year private colleges in New Jersey,” announced Castro. “Students and parents can take comfort knowing that the price on our website is the same price that will appear on their bill.”

A student-centered approach is at the heart of Bloomfield’s mission. 99% of students receive financial aid and 98% receive scholarships from the institution. The College has remained dedicated to not only providing its students with the tools needed to achieve their goals, but to offering the financial assistance and education needed to make the dream of a college degree a reality.

“Sticking to a one-cost, transparent tuition model was a student-driven decision,” said Castro. “We know that every dollar counts and financial planning is essential to our students’ success.”

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