Bloomfield College Featured on News 12 New Jersey

In a social media driven world where everyone is so interconnected, colleges have begun looking beyond just test scores and essays when rendering admission decisions. Bloomfield College’s efforts to truly get to know applicants has been featured on News 12 New Jersey.

This past year, Bloomfield College partnered with ZeeMee, a free service that gives students the ability to showcase themselves for college admissions, scholarship opportunities, and employment by creating a unique profile page. As early as 8th grade, students can begin capturing their passions and achievements to showcase to colleges using their own images, videos, and documents.

Gone are the times of submitting separate athletic reels or art portfolios; anything and everything students choose to highlight can be found all in one place. Once completed, students just simply copy and paste the link into any college application.

“Partnering with ZeeMee has definitely helped us better get to know students beyond personal interviews and essays,” said Nicole Cibelli, Director of Admission at Bloomfield College.

ZeeMee has provided students with the opportunity to creatively supplement their college applications and connect earlier with admission counselors and fellow prospective students. Essentially, once admitted to college, students are already somewhat integrated into the college community.

Though non-partners can view students’ ZeeMee profiles, there are added benefits of the College partnering. For instance, Bloomfield College’s admission counselors have their own ZeeMee profiles as well, which allows relationships with prospective students to organically develop even before an application is submitted.

“I believe other colleges should take advantage of this,” advised Cibelli. “I think ZeeMee is the new frontier when it comes to the admissions process for both colleges and applicants.”

Students agree.

“My ZeeMee profile gave me the opportunity to show colleges a visual of who I really am as a person,” said Keshaun Henry, who will graduate from Newark Collegiate Academy and begin at Bloomfield College in the fall. “This will change how we apply to college in a major way because we get to be ourselves, it goes beyond just a college application.”

“You can start creating your profile right from your phone,” said Joseily Williams, Henry's classmate and fellow incoming Bloomfield College student. “ZeeMee was great because it gave colleges the chance to really get to know me, and I got to know the colleges.”

ZeeMee, which many are calling a “game changer,” is a free service to both colleges and students and seems to be the natural “next step” in the world of higher education.

“Sharing their life online is natural to students,” said Keating Sherry, Director of Outreach at ZeeMee. “ZeeMee is a natural extension of the other social media platforms they are already familiar with, but a more professional environment where we can help connect them to life changing opportunities.”

To learn more about ZeeMee, visit here. Watch Bloomfield College on News 12 New Jersey here.


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