Bloomfield College Alumni Share Why They Returned as Adjuncts

There are many ways to stay connected to your alma mater, and these alumni now teach at the College! Get to know them.
Roydon Pellew ’14, teaches First Year Seminar
“At first, I was hesitant to become an adjunct professor because I had no prior experience but I was eager to apply because of the intangibles I could bring to the table in my role. Bloomfield College shaped me into the individual I am today. Without attending the College, I do not think I would have found my passion for working with low-income students who have a great deal of untapped potential but lack a mentor or someone who believes in them.”
Paul Latorre ’11, teaches Introduction to Creative Writing (ENG 120)
“I returned to Bloomfield College because this place was always the catalyst for my own growth. It means so much to me to come back and pay forward the inspiration and the 'realness' that many of my mentors and professors here gave to me. I feel like I 'get' the experience of students moving through our campus and trying to grow in their own ways--the baggage they carry here and in their regular lives--and that's why, more than anything else, I feel my calling here.”
Sally Ann Goncalves ’14, teaches Research Methods II
“My experience at Bloomfield College positively impacted my life by providing a strong foundation that had prepared me well for my graduate studies. Since graduating, it has been my intention to come back to Bloomfield College to teach after I received my master’s degree. I believe that I received an outstanding education here, and I am so excited to now be able to share my knowledge with students.”
Ashton Corley ’13, teaches Weight Training (PED193) and Introduction to Psychology (PSY 100) 
“I returned to Bloomfield College after realizing I wanted to go home and ‘home’ was Bloomfield College. As Head Coach of Softball, I have the opportunity to serve a small group of young women, but teaching allows me to come in contact and shape the lives of many more students. I couldn't imagine my life being anything like it is today without Bloomfield College. The College has helped me understand myself, the world around me, and how I can leave my mark on it in a positive way. Without Bloomfield College I never would have found my passion or purpose.”
Toriono Gandy ’08, teaches Music Industry Essentials, DAE- Recording/Mixing/Mastering Classes, and Hip-hop Theory
 “I was contacted by Peter Gordon to fill the Studio Manager position, and I found it as a great opportunity to give back to the CAT Division and make a difference. I've always thought the program had a great curriculum and enjoy contributing as a staff member and in the classroom. As an adjunct, I’ve been able to contribute my professional experience to future alumni.”
Casandra Gabriele ’05, teaches Nursing Chemistry Lab and A&P courses
“I knew I wanted to make an impact in the world and knowing I’d excel in science, I majored in biology. Dr. Murphy took me under his wing and I became a member of his research team that summer which ended in a multi-year project. Both Dr. Murphy and Dr. Vogt were excellent role models and encouraged me to find my passion of being a science educator and invited me to adjunct as part of their team in 2005. If it wasn't for Bloomfield College, I probably would not be where I am today.”
Amira Onibudo ’13, teaches Public Speaking
“I returned to Bloomfield College because I see the value in the students. I had a very positive experience being a student at Bloomfield College so when I was provided with the opportunity to teach, I felt honored.  Bloomfield College impacted my life by giving me opportunities I would have never been given at another institution. As a McNair scholar, I was fortunate to receive a phenomenal research experience at Penn State as well as attend top journalism conferences which enabled me to network and meet industry professionals who eventually helped me land my career in television.”
Tee Jae Drinkard ’06, teaches a number of Creative Writing courses
“Bloomfield College has always represented a second home to me. In 2008, my relationship with the College tripled when my mother, Michele Drinkard, came on board as an administrative assistant. Having my mother here gave me more reason to love being on campus. While we lost my mother suddenly at the end of my first semester as an adjunct at the College, my entire being knows how proud she was of me that I was here doing something I loved. Though she passed one year from completing her degree, the College awarded her one posthumously – a gesture that has done more for my feeling for the College than anything ever could.”
Christopher Pollati ’07, teaches Artificial Intelligence for Games (fall) and Game Programming Studio with Unity (spring)
“I returned to Bloomfield College in 2009 to teach classes to prepare students with technology that was being using in the game development field. Since then, I have taught various classes about game development like Group Game Projects 1 and 2, as well as Game Programming classes with different technologies like Flash, XNA and Unity. If it wasn't for Bloomfield College, I would have never had a class with a teacher who was in the games industry that helped me get an internship, which turned into a regular position.”
Amanda Kibler ’12, teaches Composition and Creative Writing courses
"I've returned to Bloomfield College to give back. Everyone here has taught, inspired, and encouraged me beyond capabilities I had laid out for myself, and I wanted to give that experience to students. Because of Bloomfield College, I was also able to study Creative Writing and Literature in England. These experiences and challenges would not have happened had I not attended Bloomfield College. Most of all, I learned to be myself unapologetically and to go forth on my journey without hesitation or comparison.”
Karen Luchka ’99, adjunct (2011), interim accounting professor (2015), assistant accounting professor (2016)
“My decision to attend Bloomfield College as an adult student was one of the best I've ever made. The professors were dedicated to my success and made sure I was well prepared for my profession. I now have the privilege of working alongside three of them. I've returned to Bloomfield because this is where I flourished, and I want the same for our students.”

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