Mission Statement and Shared Values

Core Values

Bloomfield College is a thriving institution of rich diversity and a premier predominantly Black and Hispanic serving four-year institution in New Jersey. With shared values anchored in a commitment to excellence, respect, honesty, equity, inclusivity, and community, the College advances each of its students with high-level, customized educational opportunities and an innovative array of support services.

Located within the New York City metropolitan region, the College has created a close-knit academic environment focused on opening the minds of its students and enabling them to take full advantage of their educational opportunities.

The College is committed to empowering students, particularly those who have been traditionally marginalized from higher education, to realize their intellectual and personal goals, and to achieve economic stability and social mobility. Bloomfield College encourages respect for ideas and free expression, celebrates the value of critical thought, and asks its students to fully explore and realize their capabilities and passions. By creating a unique foundation where learning and life merge, students foster the ability to build self-awareness, confidence, and pride, leading them to greater levels of accomplishments in their communities.

Our Mission

The mission of Bloomfield College is: To prepare students to attain academic, personal, and professional excellence, and to demonstrate exemplary civic engagement in a transcultural, national, and global community.

Our Vision

As a predominantly Black and Hispanic-serving four-year institution in New Jersey, Bloomfield College will become a national and global leader in the education, transformation, and socio-economic mobility of first-generation leaders of the future. The College will invest in key resources of support, provide robust academic opportunities, develop impactful strategic partnerships, and continue to support its thriving, local, and civically-engaged community. These priorities will ensure that every student has the support, mentorship, safety, and tools to empower them to become talented professionals and community leaders, ultimately improving their lives in a changing and complex global society.

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