The Bloomfield College Brand:  Bloomfield College empowers bold and courageous students to write their own story and make an impact in the world. This brand promise statement serves as the touchstone for all of our activities, in and out of the classroom.

Wordmark Guidelines and Examples

Bloomfield College Logo

Bloomfield’s tower logo is appropriate for all promotional and operational materials, including letterhead, business cards, signage, and in-house printing. The tower is the College’s sole brand identifier with the exception of the Athletics Department marks and the occasional, approved use of the official Bloomfield seal.

Using the Bloomfield College Wordmark

The appropriate wordmark must appear on all print materials produced by any unit of the College. It is acceptable for offices and departments of the College to use the College wordmark by itself, with the appropriate school identifier, or with the individual unit, program, office or department identifier. The only modification to the wordmark should be the authorized addition of the appropriate department, office, center, institute, program or group name. To request a copy of the College wordmark or custom wordmark for your office, department or unit with the unit name embedded into the wordmark, e-mail your request to

Standard Configurations of Bloomfield College Wordmark

Bloomfield College Logo

Example of Unit, Office and Department Configurations 

Letterhead Logo

Transparent Bloomfield College Logo

Minimum Size and Proportions

The wordmark should not be smaller than 0.4 inches in any usage. 

Brand Concept: Write Your Own Story

"Write your own story" appeals to prospects' desires to take charge of their lives. They are ready to assume more responsibility and embrace the opportunities and options college presents. The message positions Bloomfield as a place that recognizes that desire and a place where students can act on it. It is a message of empowerment, confidence and optimism that students can shape the future to their vision. 

Alternate executions present the line more boldly: "It's your story. Write a ________ one." The follow-up line allows for virtuality unlimited interpretations and focuses on the possibilities at Bloomfield, all while keeping the emphasis on the student experience. 

The fill-in-the-blank platform gives Bloomfield tremendous flexibility to tailor messaging to a particular audience and showcase a broad range of features and benefits. This provides Bloomfield with a great deal of traction to build brand awareness. The overall messaging places and keeps the focus on the students, driving home the fact that the student is the center of attention. 


Incorporating phrasing from Bloomfield's brand promise that resonates strongly with prospective students, the concept communicates the transformational experiences Bloomfield offers students by helping them develop the vision and direction they need to achieve great things and realize their dreams. Beyond mastery of a particular subject or discipline, Bloomfield students graduate with a sense of empowerment that comes from being held to high standards- and from being surrounded by a community invested in their success. 

Design Approach

We will continue to use our existing color palette. Along with a secondary palette to provide accents and relief, the primary colors, red and yellow, will establish the brand identity. The design incorporates a wash of the Bloomfield red with blurred backgrounds to express the sense of action within the concept. In the case of ads and covers, the subject is masked out on top of the red wash, highlighting the student or activity. The type palette includes Trajan Pro, a strong font that is both classic and approachable, and Garamond, a font that conveys tradition and ensures readability. Photos of buildings and people should be clear and bright; people may be camera aware, gazing back at the viewer, affirming the connection, or subjects may be engaged with people or objects not entirely in the frame. 


Approved Fonts

Seal Guidelines and Examples

The Bloomfield College seal may be used only with official correspondence, such as binding legal agreements; formal documents such as diplomas, transcripts, major institutional reports and research covers, and programs for academic ceremonies; approved signage; and formal invitations and engraved notecards. It may appear on selected apparel and gift items upon proper licensing. A stylized treatment of the seal may only be used for large-scale marketing, public relations and recruiting campaigns. Examples include brochures and e-communications for external audiences, online properties of websites, social media and mobile apps, and print and digital advertising.

Because the seal is the College’s official symbol, any use of the seal must be approved by marketing. For further information, or for approval to use the seal, contact the Office of Marketing at

Approved Seal


Athletic Logo Usage and Guidelines

Use of the Bloomfield College Bears ligature and logo marks must comply with trademark agreements and should be used only under the supervision and approval of the Office of Marketing or Athletics Department.

Approved Bear Logo

College and Athletic Color Swatch

For further information, or for access to official logos and wordmarks, contact the Office of Marketing at

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