First Name Last Name Department Phone Ext 1 Email
Alayna Dunkel Academic Services/Advising-Coaching 1270
Lorraine Flood Nursing 1659
Rajesh Mistry International Training and Professional Studies 1166
Maretta Hodges Educational Opportunity Fund 1348
Denise Wilburn Athletics 1362
Ramona Hinson PBI Grant Office 1745
Alessandro Pilaia Information Technology 1224
Dorothy Zahran Natural Science and Mathematics 1313
Soyun Park International Training and Professional Studies 1406
Zerom Kiflemariam Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1651
Keisha Shay Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1257
Michele Drinkard Educational Opportunity Fund 1348
Michelle Roman Institutional Research 1133
Jack McGrane Service Center 1424
Jessica Zawerczuk Marketing 1561
Jeffery Watson Athletics 1791
Toriano Gandy Creative Arts and Technology Division 1773
Robert Radics Information Technology 1224
Donna Lipinski Accounting, Business,CIS & Economics 1339
SueAnn Harrison Student Affairs 1245
Cassia D'Amico Academic Services/Registrar 1215 Cassia_D'
Nicole Palagano Personal Counseling 1403
Peter Doyle Service Center 1486
Leonard Roberts Student Affairs 1242
Sheryline McGee Business Office 1433
Debra Hartley Marketing 1387
Nicholas Von Hagel Westminster Arts Center 1446
Kerry Feder Academic Affairs 1124
Eva Papp Information Technology 1224
Jackie Cividanes Athlethics 1768