Wednesday, May 21, 2014, at 4:30 p.m.

Robert V. Van Fossan Theatre
63 Fremont Street, Bloomfield, NJ
Reception to follow in Westminster Arts Center, Room 110

Baccalaureate is a ceremony in which the armor of the student (the degree) is blessed in a non-denominational service. Generally, the students, faculty, administration, and academic guests proceed to the chapel in full academic dress. Baccalaureate has its origins in the tradition of chivalry, in which the squire goes through a special ceremony to become a knight. As part of the ceremony, his armor, sword, and spurs are blessed in a church before knighthood is conferred.

At the Baccalaureate students who are graduating with Latin honors by virtue of having met and maintained high academic requirements and students who are either members of the Bloomfield College Honors Program, members of one of the five national honor societies, or a military veteran will receive honor cords that signify their academic accomplishments.  The colors of the cords represent the college, the various honors societies and our milirary venterans and may be a single color or a combination of colors. The colors that the Bloofield College honors students will be recieving are:

Latin Honors - Gold (Cum Laude, Magna Cume Laude, Summa Cum Laude)
Alpha Chi – blue and green (for students in all majors)
Bloomfield College Honors Program - burgundy and gold
Delta Mu Delta – purple and gold (for students majoring in Business)
Kappa Delta Pi – purple and green (for students majoring in Education)
Psi Chi – navy and platinum (for students majoring or minoring in Psychology)

To be considered for Latin honors at graduation, a student must have successfully completed at least sixteen course units on the letter grade system at Bloomfield College.  Credits earned in courses below the 100 level will not be included in the cumulative grade point average upon graduation, and will not be used in determining averages for graduation with honors.  A student who has earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 and a 3.50 average in the major is eligible for cum laude; both averages must be 3.65 for magna cum laude and 3.80 for summa cum laude.

Invitations to attend the Baccalaureate for students eligible to receive Latin honors, Bloomfield College Honors Program, military verteran or honor society cords will be mailed on May 2. Resident students will receive their letter in their campus mailbox.

Baccalaureate Speaker
Mr. Sal Goncalves

Superintendent Bloomfield School District

For further information contact:

Denise Smith
973-748-9000 x1101