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Bloomfield College Welcomes America's Heroes

Veteran Student School Information

Veteran Students

Welcome to Bloomfield College. We appreciate the sacrifices that our veterans and military dependents have contributed as they serve our country. It is our turn now to support you and we pledge our best service to you. Veteran students are served through the Office of Admission and Office of the Registrar. We are committed to creating a veteran-friendly campus where veteran students can excel in the classroom, access support services and resources as needed, and connect with one another. Even more important is to assist you in identifying federal and state education benefits for you and your families.

Bloomfield College is committed to facilitating the transition from military life to college life. We dedicate our time and provide our goodhearted support to current and former military service members, including eligible dependents to attain their educational goals. To accomplish this overarching goal, we offer to our veterans a comprehensive array of services that address their academic, financial, physical, and social needs. To make these services accessible, the center provides individuals who will coordinate all support services required by the veteran students.

  • Veteran Students’ Services provided by Bloomfield College include:
  • Comprehensive orientation program for all new Veteran students
  • Support services during the transition to college life and through graduation
  • Course planning and registration process
  • Current information in educational benefits
  • Alternative credits programs (CLEP, DSST, PLA, Military credits)


  • Bloomfield College is approved by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education for the training of veterans and the widows and children of deceased veterans under the provisions of the various federal laws pertaining to veterans’ educational benefits.

    Bloomfield College has agreed to match dollar for dollar with the Yellow Ribbon Program.

    Information about veterans’ benefits and enrollment procedures may be obtained at the Office of the Registrar at 229 Liberty Street or by calling Annette Raymond at 973-748-9000 ext. 1271.

    Students eligible for veterans’ benefits register and pay their College bills in the same manner as non-veteran students. Reimbursement is made by the Department of Veterans Affairs on a monthly basis. The amount of reimbursement is governed by the student’s program and the student’s course load.

    To be reimbursed the student must comply with the following procedures:

  • Once admitted to the College, the student must obtain an Application for Program of Education or Training from either the Department of Veterans Affairs or from the College. The completed application along with a certified copy of the DD-214, is sent to Annette Raymond (see address below).

    Students transferring from another university or college will need to obtain a Request for Change of Place of Training from either the Department of Veterans Affairs or the from the College. The completed form should be sent to:

    Annette Raymond Office of the Registrar 229 Liberty Street Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003

  • Students who receive veteran's benefits at the College the preceding semester and plan to re-enroll with no change of objective should inform the Registrar's Office at the time of registration that they wish to be re-certified under the provisions of their original VA Form 22-1990.

    Students receiving veteran's benefits must take courses that lead toward the exact objective (usually a specific degree) on the original VA application. Otherwise, they must submit a Request for Change of Program. Students utilizing veterans' benefits must let their registrar know immediately of any change in their status or program that might affect the amount of their monthly payment from the VA. If they fail to do so, the Department of Veterans Affairs will seek reimbursement from the student for any overpayment.

  • Continuation of VA payments depends on the student's meeting the College’s academic standards for all students. The student must also meet any standards of progress which may be established by VA regulations. Continuation of VA payments depends on the student’s meeting the College’s academic standards for all students.The student must also meet any standards of progress which may be established by VA regulations. If in a national emergency students are called to active duty, they will be withdrawn from classes without academic or financial penalty. Alternative arrangements may be made with the instructor in special circumstances. Documentation must be provided.