Adult Student Programs and Services

Alternative Credit Programs (CLEP and PLA)

Because not all college-level learning takes place in the classroom, Bloomfield College accepts credit through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and Portfolio Learning Assessment (PLA). A maximum of 16 course units may be earned through CLEP exams (including College Board Placement examinations) and Portfolio Learning Assessment.

CLEP (College Level Examination Program)

To register for CLEP exams, Bloomfield College students must :

  • Completed a minimum of one semester at the College before taking a CLEP exam
  • Completed any necessary foundation courses
  • Completed the prerequisite(s) for the course they wish to CLEP
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
  • Examination credit is applicable to the fulfillment of the major and General Education requirements, subject to the approval of the major advisor.
  • Students must register in advance through the Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning (CITEL).
  • CLEP exams cannot be taken as a repeat of a course already taken at any institution.
  • CLEP credits accepted in transfer are subject to evaluation criteria established by Bloomfield College.
  • Registration Fee must be paid in advance in order to reserve a testing spot.
    • In Person – exact cash, check, money order
    • By Phone – debt/credit Bloomfield College Bursar (973) 748-9000 ext.1218
    • By Mail – check or money order (recommend sending mail with insurance/tracking)

For additional information check the CLEP Testing Center brochure

CLEP Exams Approved for Credit for Bloomfield College Students(PDF)

CLEP Exam Registration and Schedules (PDF)    
CLEP Test Center Brochure(PDF)

CLEP Registration form(PDF)

Mail CLEP Registration form along with regisration fee to:
Bloomfield College
Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning (CLEP)
467 Franklin St.
Bloomfield, NJ 07003

or you may e-mail the registration form to:

Spaces are limited, so register early!

Portfolio Learning Assessment (PLA)

Assessment of life learning experience is a flexible, efficient way of earning college credits for what you have learned outside the classroom. Awarding of credit for life experience operates on the belief that college-level learning, no matter how it is gained, deserves college credits. Therefore, nearly any type of experiential learning can gain college credit as long as:

1. It is equivalent to a course or courses at Bloomfield College and

2. You can prove your expertise.

A portfolio is a completion of documentation assembled in an approved format to demonstrate college-level knowledge for an award of credit. The portfolio you submit will serve as proof of your expertise and the value it has in the academic world. It can include knowledge or skills gained from a wide variety of sources, including but not limited to:

  • Full or part time jobs
  • Independent reading and study
  • Training programs or in-service courses
  • Volunteer work
  • Cultural and artistic pursuits
  • Hobbies and recreational pastimes
  • Community or religious activities
  • Military service
  • Travel

Applying for PLA

To apply for portfolio assessment students must:

  • Apply for portfolio assessment through the Associate VP for Academic Affairs/Dean of Graduate Studies), 73 Oakland Avenue, ext. 1352. The fee for portfolio assessment is $275 per portfolio, to be paid at the time a portfolio is submitted.
  •  Have completed a minimum of 6 course units at the College (4 course units for transfer students holding the AA or AS degree) *
  •  Approval of the Division Chair for freshman level courses
  •  Students may apply for portfolio assessment Portfolio to completing 6 course units, and credits will be recorded on the transcript once the 6 course units have been completed.
  •  Successful completion of a portfolio will be recorded on the student’s transcript as a grade of “satisfactory” and will not be used in calculating the grade point average

* Students may apply for portfolio assessment prior to completing 6 course units and credits will be recorded on the transcript after the 6 course units have been completed.

For first-time students (non-transfers) only, there is a special portfolio review process if you test out of WRT106/Analytic Argumentative Writing through placement testing at Bloomfield College:

  • Students submit applications along with several of their best writing samples
  • Completed applications are forwarded to the Freshman Core Coordinator by the Associate Dean
  • If the application is approved, the student receives credit for WRT 106
  • If the student has not yet taken WRT 107, she/he will take the WRT 107/Synthesis & Research Writing exit exam through arrangement with the Freshman Core Coordinator The exit exam is evaluated by a faculty assessor (usually the Freshman Core Coordinator).
  • If a student passes the exit exam, she/he receives credit for WRT 107
  • If a student does not pass the exit exam, she/he must take the WRT 107 course

Important PLA Downloads:  

PLA Handbook (PDF)

PLA application (PDF)