All about Bloomfield

Bloomfield College is located in Bloomfield, New Jersey, a suburban residential community just 15 miles from New York City. The College attracts a geographically diverse resident and commuter population. The 11-acre tree-lined campus is easily reached by train, bus, or car. The nearby Meadowlands Sports Complex, Liberty Science Center, and PNC Bank Arts Center offer exciting events year round. You can visit the beautiful Jersey shore beaches or first-rate ski areas in about an hour.

It’s virtually impossible for most other schools to match the academic and personal support structure available to students at Bloomfield College. The culture of the college is built around this mission.  And the school’s focus is unmistakable:  to provide every student the resources and individualized attention they need to turn their dreams into action and accomplishment.

To meet the educational needs of each student, our campus embraces the latest technology to make learning more interesting and accessible. Information literacy is reinforced at every level of college life at Bloomfield. Specially trained members of the library staff help students, faculty and administrators take advantage of our continuously evolving tech resources from distance-learning tools to highly specialized online research databases. A culture of constant exploration and improvement is fostered as part of our educational mission.  At Bloomfield, we join together the traditional liberal arts and sciences with the technology of today.

Every Bloomfield College student has online and wifi access to their own "virtual workspace" on the College's network and servers. Term papers and presentations are developed, crafted and submitted online or shared with professors and fellow students with the support of digital presentation and group software. Multimedia tools are as common as blackboards. Many faculty put courses online. Some build entire learning experiences around the imaginative use of technology.

Besides being a basic tool, technology is also a major focus of several degree programs at Bloomfield. These include Internet Technology, Computer Information Systems, and Creative Arts & Technology. Fueled by the transformation of data and visual information into the lifeblood of the global economy, these tech-based programs are a magnet for both local and international students.