Activities and Organizations

Bloomfield College Student Government

Bloomfield College Student Government, or BCSG, serves as a liaison between the student body, faculty, and administration, provides students with an opportunity for an educational experience in democratic government, furnishes a medium of students’ opinions, and promotes the general welfare of the students.

Bloomfield College Student Government is the governing body of all student organizations. They oversee the more than 40 clubs and Organizations currently active on campus. Bloomfield College Student Clubs and Organizations provide a wide array of programming and activities for members of the Bloomfield College Community. These activities include movie nights, weekend trips, dances, fashion and talent shows, cultural entertainment and education, and much more!






Bloomfield College Student Government 2013-2014 Executive Board

President: Roydon Pellew
Vice President of Organizational Affairs: Sharif Thomas
Vice President of Senatorial Affairs: Naomi Exius
Vice President of Administrative Affairs: Candice McEwan
Executive Financial Advisor: Josh Jones
Administrative Assistant: Brenda Quinones
Public Relations: Francesca Colombo
Faculty/Staff Advisor: Jennifer Troxell, Director CSLE