Business Services

Policies and Forms

Policies and Instructions:
Accounts Payable Expense Reimbursement Instruction (pdf)
Accounts Payable Policy (pdf)
Business Travel and Entertainment Policy (pdf)
Confidentiality Agreement and Security Policy (pdf)
Contracting Authority Policy (pdf)
Grants Financial Management Policy (pdf)
Identity Theft Red Flags Policies and Procedures (pdf)
Policy on Independent Contractors; Honorariums; and Prizes, Awards, Gifts and Scholarships (pdf)
Purchasing Policy (pdf)
Records Retention Policy (pdf)
W9 Form Instructions (pdf)
Accounts Payable Payment/Voucher Form 2013-2014 (pdf)
Business Entertainment Reimbursement Voucher (pdf) **
Business Travel Reimbursement Voucher (pdf) **
Department Prize, Awards, Gifts, and Fellowship Notification Form (pdf)
Independent Contractor Agreement (doc)
Other Reimbursement Voucher (pdf) **
Payment Order/Voucher (pdf) **
W9 Form (pdf)

** Instructions and fillable forms will be available by July 15th - please check back then.  2014-2015 forms should be printed on the following paper, available from Office Max, Boise FIREWORX Colored Multiuse Paper - 20Lb. - Popper Mint Green, Item #: P1MP-2201-GN

NOTE: Some pdf forms can be filled in online and printed. 

If the Firefox browser is used the forms must be downloaded before the form can be filled in.