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PNC Sponsored Luncheon for Graduating International Students

On Wednesday May 21, 2014 at 12:30pm in the Deacons Den PNC Bank will be co-hosting a luncheon for the graduating international students and their guest(s). PNC Bank Business Development Officer Mr. Ahmed Yousuf, from the Woodland Park, New Jersey PNC Bank branch has generously agreed to co-host this first annual event. Invited guests will be treated to an assorted variety of catered international foods that closely reflects the diverse group of young adults graduating this May. 




Join us and PNC Bank as we celebrate the following graduating international students:                                                                                                                       

Mrs. Alecia Beauvil- BS in Nursing  Pictured 2nd from the left                                                                                                                                      

Ms. Stacey Jones- BS in Nursing

Ms. Erica Goudon- BS in Business (Finance) 

Ms. Trudy-Ann Davey- BA in Education (Special Education) 

Ms. Zona Blignaut- BA in Psychology 

Ms. Anoushka Deterville- BA in Psychology

Ms. Nadine Richardt- BS in Business (Marketing) 

Ms. Evgeniya Ivanitskaya- BS in Business (Finance) 

Ms. Marie-Germaine Affoumou- BS in Business (Marketing) Pictured on the Right 

Mr. Ceran Messam- BS in Biochemistry  Pictured on the Left

Mr. Martin Wolf- BS in Network Engineering  Pictured 2nd from the Right 

Mr. James Gellidio- BA in History 

Mr. Kemar Richards- BS in Business (Management Information Systems) 

Mr. Alton Drummond- BS in Accounting 

Mr. Hojin Park- BS in Business (General Management) 

Mr. Morgan Lebeurre- BS in Business(International Business Management)

Mr. Peter Beckford- BS in Accounting 

Mr. Claude Allen -BS in Accounting 

To learn more about Student Banking and how PNC Bank can assist you in effective monetary management please visist their Virtual Banking for Students webpages. Please download the PNC Bank flyer to learn more about their Workplace Banking options and offers.