First Namesort ascending Last Name Department Phone Ext Email Building/Location
Christina Olivier Information Technology 1224 185 Liberty Street
Christina Dilkes SSS-STAR Program 1147 Learning Resource Center
Christina Berrouet Student Affairs 1357 208 Liberty
Celeste Walden-Kelley SSS-STAR Program 1170 Learning Resource Center
Cecile Sarmadi Accounting Office 1427 Knox Hall
Cassia D'Amico Registrar 1215 Cassia_D' 229 Liberty
Carolyn Gros Academic Affairs 1114 73 Oakland
Carolyn Spies Academic Affairs 1285 73 Oakland
Carol Contella Service Center 1263 Richards Hall
Carol Ruiz Center for Career Development 1205 12 Austin
Carissa Kison Health Services 1439 Student Center
Burcin Tuncalp Office of Information Services 1741 Talbott Hall
Brian Kovacs Information Technology 1224 185 Liberty Street
Brian LoRocco Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1239 Learning Resource Center
Brenda Quintyne SSS-STAR Program 1262 Learning Resource Center
Breanne Simkin Student Financial Services 1213 Knox Hall
Bill McDonald Campus Planning 1207 Knox Hall
Beverly Fields McNair Program 1662 Voorhees Hall
Betty Heck Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1256 Learning Resource Center
Barbara Mormando Administration and Finance 1209 Knox Hall
Barbara Isacson Media Center 1370 Library
Bakir Brown Educational Opportunity Fund 1344 Voorhees Hall
Bado Alverna Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1300 Student Center
Aubrie George (Emmons) Advising 1423 229 Liberty
Annmarie Battista Library 1332 Library
Annette Raymond Registrar 1271 229 Liberty
Anna Marie Tutiven Center for Career Development 1450 12 Austin
Andrew Mees Institutional Advancement 1780 68 Oakland
Andrea Betro International Training and Professional Studies 1655 2 Broad Street
Alessandro Pilaia Information Technology 1224 185 Liberty Street