First Name Last Name Departmentsort descending Phone Ext Email Building/Location
Harris Bolds Security 1366 225 Liberty
Jack McGrane Service Center 1424 Richards Hall
Linda Amill Service Center 1354 Richards Hall
Carol Contella Service Center 1263 Richards Hall
Edward Simon Service Center 1265 Richards Hall
Peter Doyle Service Center 1486 Richards Hall
Margaret Adams Services for Students with Disabilities 1654 Learning Resource Center
Diana Uribe Services for Students with Disabilities 1650 Learning Resource Center
Elisa Terranova Social and Behavioral Science 1644 59 Fremont
Celeste Walden-Kelley SSS-STAR Program 1170 Learning Resource Center
Gail Ponder SSS-STAR Program 1167 Learning Resource Center
Brenda Quintyne SSS-STAR Program 1262 Learning Resource Center
Christina Dilkes SSS-STAR Program 1147 Learning Resource Center
SueAnn Harrison Student Affairs 1245 208 Liberty
Rose Mitchell Student Affairs 1457 208 Liberty
Patrick Lamy Student Affairs 1243 208 Liberty
Leonard Roberts Student Affairs 1242 208 Liberty
Breanne Simkin Student Financial Services 1213 Knox Hall
Danielle Morgart Student Financial Services 1204 Knox Hall
Nalini Gadhia Student Financial Services 1210 Knox Hall
Debbie Viaud Student Financial Services 1206 Knox Hall
Ashraf Mourad Student Financial Services 1399 Knox Hall
Jarren Harrison Student Financial Services 1218 Knox Hall
Za'kia Nealy Student Financial Services 1228 Knox Hall
Quincina LittleJohn Student Financial Services 1211 Knox Hall
Traci Ford Westminster Arts Center 1129 Van Fossan Theatre
Nicholas Von Hagel Westminster Arts Center 1446 Van Fossan Theatre