First Name Last Name Department Phone Ext Email Building/Location
Denise Smith Academic Affairs 1101 73 Oakland
Erik Smith Office of Information Services 1382 Talbott Hall
Carolyn Spies Academic Affairs 1285 73 Oakland
Stephanie Steines Nursing 1119 74 Oakland
Marion Terenzio Academic Affairs 1101 73 Oakland
Elisa Terranova Social and Behavioral Science 1644 59 Fremont
Gina Thomas PBI Grant Office 1682 2 Broad Street/Room 204
Milena Torres Accounting Office 1430 Knox Hall
Sandy Trapp Education 1110 Jarvie Hall
Jennifer Troxell Center for Student Leadership and Engagement 1401 Student Center
Burcin Tuncalp Office of Information Services 1741 Talbott Hall
Anna Marie Tutiven Center for Career Development 1450 12 Austin Place
Nkemdilim Ukwu McNair Program 1663
Diana Uribe Academic Services/Office for Students with Disabilities 1650 Learning Resource Center
Sandra Van Dyk Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1661 Learning Resource Center
Darol Vasquez Residential Education and Housing 1269 Franklin Hall
Debbie Viaud Student Financial Services 1206 Knox Hall
Jennifer Virgil Athletics 1364 Gymnasium
Nicholas Von Hagel Westminster Arts Center 1446 Van Fossan Theatre
David Wademan Office of Information Services 1710, Knox Hall
Celeste Walden-Kelley SSS-STAR Program 1170 Learning Resource Center
Tawn Walker Educational Opportunity Fund 1784 Voorhees Hall
Jeffery Watson Athletics 1791 Gymnasium
Denise Wilburn Athletics 1362 Gymnasium
Lucia Winston Personal Counseling 1302 Student Center
Sheila Wooten Athletics 1363 Gymnasium
Matthew Wright Center for Innovation in Teaching to Enhance Learning 1260 Learning Resource Center
Fernando Xelo Information Technology 1224 185 Liberty
Dorothy Zahran Natural Science and Mathematics 1313 College Hall
Elaine Zarzecki Nursing 1375 College Hall