Last Name First Name Department Phone Ext 1 Email
Fernandez Jorge Admission 1222
DelBagno Julia Admission 1396
Meyers Regina Admissions 1437
Rivera Raquel Admission 1749
Muller Eugene Institutional Research 1227
Craig Paula Humanities 1276
Pante Ruth President's Office 1789
Nolan Christina President's Office 1290
Roman Michelle Institutional Research 1133
Wademan David Office of Information Services 1710,
Jackson-Blue Elaine Payroll 1203
Harrison Jarren Student Financial Services 1218
Capozzi Mayra Accounting Office 1432
Morgart Danielle Student Financial Services 1204
Marshall Laszlo Information Technology 1224
Buxbaum Howard Administration and Finance 1200
Viaud Debbie Student Financial Services 1206
Gadhia Nalini Student Financial Services 1210
Simkin Breanne Student Financial Services 1213
McGee Sheryline Accounting Office 1433
Torres Milena Accounting Office 1430
Brady James Information Technology 1224
McDonald Bill Campus Planning 1207
McDaniel Cynthia Controller 1441
Nealy Za'kia Student Financial Services 1228
LittleJohn Quincina Student Financial Services 1211
Sarmadi Cecile Accounting Office 1427
Sinisi Michael Maintenance 1263
Doyle Peter Service Center 1486
Contella Carol Service Center 1263