Last Name First Name Departmentsort descending Phone Ext 1 Email
Porteur Stanley Library 1794
Figueredo Danilo Library 1337
Battista Annmarie Library 1332
Panaggio Vincent Maintenance 1742
Sinisi Michael Maintenance 1263
Rodriguez Miguel Marketing 1267
Bonilla Amaryllis Marketing 1561
Ukwu Nkemdilim McNair Program 1663
Fields Beverly McNair Program 1662
Isacson Barbara Media Center 1370
LaMedica Lou Media Center 1452
Zahran Dorothy Natural Science and Mathematics 1313
Patel Mayura Natural Science and Mathematics 1596
Langner Christopher Natural Science and Mathematics 1781
Ruiz Lisa Nursing 1324
Steines Stephanie Nursing 1119
Flood Lorraine Nursing 1659
Zarzecki Elaine Nursing 1375
Tuncalp Burcin Office of Information Services 1741
Smith Erik Office of Information Services 1382
Felsovalyi Elizabeth Office of Information Services 1223
Wademan David Office of Information Services 1710,
Lamberti Diane Operator 0
Jackson-Blue Elaine Payroll 1203
Thomas Gina PBI Grant Office 1682
Calish Sherrie PBI Grant Office 1681
Winston Lucia Personal Counseling 1302
Palagano Nicole Personal Counseling 1403
Levao Richard President 1290
Pante Ruth President's Office 1789