Last Name First Namesort descending Division Phone Ext 1 Email
Dennis K. Denise Social and Behavioral Science 1284 Denise_Dennis@bloomfield.edu
Luchka Karen Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1413 Karen_Luchka@bloomfield.edu
Fasanella Karen Education 1106 karen_fasanella@bloomfield.edu
Pezzolla Karen Education 1521 karen_pezzolla@bloomfield.edu
Myers Kenneth Natural Science and Mathematics 1456 Kenneth_Myers@bloomfield.edu
Moran Kevin Social and Behavioral Science 1107 Kevin_Moran@bloomfield.edu
Nova Laura Creative Arts and Technology 1506 Laura_Nova@bloomfield.edu
Hill Laura Humanities 1732 Laura_Hill@bloomfield.edu
Michailidis Lazaros Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1376 Lazaros_Michailidis@bloomfield.edu
Koepp Leila Natural Science and Mathematics 1310 Leila_Koepp@bloomfield.edu
Palmieri Lori Ann Nursing 1330 Lori_Palmieri@bloomfield.edu
Oddo Lynne Creative Arts and Technology 1505 Lynne_Oddo@bloomfield.edu
Vogt Maria Natural Science and Mathematics 1318 Maria_Vogt@bloomfield.edu
Flood Marianne Nursing 1562 Marianne_Flood@bloomfield.edu
Jackson Mark Library 1714 Mark_Jackson@bloomfield.edu
DiLiberto Maryann Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1379 Maryann_DiLiberto@bloomfield.edu
Schiro Michael Natural Science and Mathematics 1511 mike_schiro@bloomfield.edu
Innella Nancy Nursing 1672 nancy_innella@bloomfield.edu
Bacci Nancy Creative Arts and Technology 1707 Nancy_Bacci@bloomfield.edu
Boeri Natascia Social and Behavioral Science 1778 natascia_boeri@bloomfield.edu
Serra Neddie Nursing 1120 Neddie_Serra@bloomfield.edu
McCook Nora Humanities 1326 nora_mccook@bloomfield.edu
Russo Paul Natural Science and Mathematics 1312 Paul_Russo@bloomfield.edu
Puccio Paul Humanities 1404 Paul_Puccio@bloomfield.edu
Kardos Peter Social and Behavioral Science 1288 Peter_Kardos@bloomfield.edu
Gordon Peter Creative Arts and Technology 1773 Peter_Gordon@bloomfield.edu
More Phyllis Nursing 1325 Phyllis_More@bloomfield.edu
Walter Rebecca Natural Science and Mathematics 1317 Rebecca_Walter@bloomfield.edu
Collmier Robert Accounting, Business, CS & Economics 1389 Robert_Collmier@bloomfield.edu
Bunch Robert Humanities 1103 robert_bunch@bloomfield.edu